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i don’t get how everything i’ve built could be so fragile. just when you think your foundation’s set, an earthquake comes and shakes it. next a huge rainstorm. then a forest fire. or a tsunami. each disaster shakes the very … Continue reading

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romeo lost

poets only write about love and love lost, but what about the time afterward? what about the times when i see you my heart breaks, not because i miss you, but i miss the feeling of you. the feeling of … Continue reading

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October Brings All Good Things

It is common knowledge that the point of October is Halloween, what with dress up and ghosts; pumpkins, with carving and all the pumpkin-y food; and boots, scarves, and sweaters. But that being said, I recently found something that outranks … Continue reading

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My Thoughts on Music…

Music is the most powerful of weapons. It is a loaded gun to your mind and you pull the trigger when you press play. The beat is the rounds going BANG, BANG, BANG. The feeling you get, the euphoric experience … Continue reading

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Los Angeles Art Show

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the opening night of the Los Angeles Art Show to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. I have been to a few art shows before, but none compare to this one. There … Continue reading

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Why I Love Art

I love art.  Ever since I was a small child I’ve been going to museums.  At first I hated them, I mean what kid wants to stand silently looking at art for hours, but now I really appreciate it.  I … Continue reading

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The “epidemic” of our generation. Researchers or something have come up with the term “text neck,” which is a sort of condition you can get from texting. Symptoms include bad posture, neck and/or back pains, and can lead to spine degeneration … Continue reading

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