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Asking For It?

TRIGGER WARNING: RAPE Most people that know me can agree that I’m an outspoken feminist. They know that I stand up for women’s rights, try to be politically correct, the list goes on. They know that I love to write … Continue reading

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Sneak Peek

Hi, people.  I’m writing a book right now.  I’ve gotten about 16 pages done — aren’t you proud?  Here’s a chapter.  Hopefully you can read all of them next year, maybe even in a published book.   8- I am … Continue reading

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Never Fixed

In Journalism class, we watched Shattered Glass. Or most of it, anyways. I was having a terrible, awful, no good, very bad day, so it heightened the suckage of the movie for me. Well, it wasn’t a bad movie really. … Continue reading

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Nerd Rant, Part II.

Okay, so I’ve already nerd ranted about how Cedric Diggory pwns Edward Cullen, but now I’m going to nerd rant about something else. Something awesomesauce. That’s right, I’m going to nerd rant about THE BEST BOOK EVER (in my opinion). … Continue reading

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