I Crave Sleep

Sometimes I just want to let go. Sometimes I just want to not care. Sometimes I just don’t want to have to think.

I wish I could just shut my mind off and get lost.

Have you ever tried to shut your mind off?

I wish I could just relax and not have a constant stream of thoughts pouring through my mind.

I wish that just for a few hours I could be alone with my own thoughts, consumed not by others words but my own.

I yearn for silence, I yearn to be able to block out all the voices and noises that are rushing through my head.

I crave the ability to just shut my eyes and block out the world around me.

I long to be able tay down and not be disturbed. I long to be able to lay down and let my mind leave my body.

I crave sleep.

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Being away from home, I am constantly craving what I can’t have.

Korean Food.

I think of it day and night. I realized that every year, this appetite for some good home cooking gets worse.

This weekend, I went home and got to enjoy Korean food for the first time in five weeks. Let me tell you, it was amazing and I ate a week’s worth of food.

Korean food isn’t what people think. It’s not just simply rice and kimchi. There is so much more than just Korean BBQ and top ramen. Here are a few of the dishes I savored this weekend.

For lunch on Saturday, I ate Bo Sam (보쌈), Cha Dol Dwenjang Chigae (차돌됀장찌개), and Jap Chae (잡채).

This is Bo Sam.

It is delicious. Roasted slices of pork that you wrap in lettuce. It is simple but fantastic. Gosh, my stomach is growling just looking at the picture of it.

This is Cha Dol Dwenjang Chigae.

It’s main ingredient is made up of the same components that is in miso soup: fermented soy beans. The taste is a lot richer and the broth is a lot thicker. Inside, there are many healthy vegetables such as zucchini, onions, garlic, and more. And of course, pork.

The great thing about the restaurant I went to is that they give you a bowl with vegetables and other dressings so that when you are done with your soup, you can put in the rest of it in the bowl and mix it with rice. So GOOD and healthy too!

This is Jap Chae.

A savory medley of clear, glass noodles, vegetables, beef, and soy sauce. It is a delicate dish. I don’t know if it’s because I was craving Korean food for those five weeks or if it is because the restaurant was fantastic, but I have never had Jap Chae better than the one I ate last Saturday.

I want all of you to try some Korean food sometime soon.