I Crave Sleep

Sometimes I just want to let go. Sometimes I just want to not care. Sometimes I just don’t want to have to think.

I wish I could just shut my mind off and get lost.

Have you ever tried to shut your mind off?

I wish I could just relax and not have a constant stream of thoughts pouring through my mind.

I wish that just for a few hours I could be alone with my own thoughts, consumed not by others words but my own.

I yearn for silence, I yearn to be able to block out all the voices and noises that are rushing through my head.

I crave the ability to just shut my eyes and block out the world around me.

I long to be able tay down and not be disturbed. I long to be able to lay down and let my mind leave my body.

I crave sleep.

Photo Credit: http://img.medicalxpress.com