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I Made My Own Desktop

About four years ago, I used a program called Rainmeter. The program is a manager for add-ons that accessorize desktops. It allows users to fully customize their computer desktop to their liking. Users can easily download other users add-ons through … Continue reading

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My Summer in Paraguay

This past summer I went to Paraguay for seven weeks as part of a program called Amigos de las Americas. After a one week training period in Houston, TX, I flew for 16 hours to the country’s capital, Asunción. From there I … Continue reading

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The feeling hits you like a bus. The feeling is like an elephant on your chest. The feeling inside of your stomach. The feeling is like the shivers. The feeling is a civil war. The feeling is like a virus … Continue reading

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Why I Love Art

I love art.  Ever since I was a small child I’ve been going to museums.  At first I hated them, I mean what kid wants to stand silently looking at art for hours, but now I really appreciate it.  I … Continue reading

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The New America

It’s 2015 and all the good values in Americans are dead. This generation is disrespectful, uninformed, more interested in what’s trending, and drinking overpriced coffee, than finding success in life. There was a time where Americans took pride in their … Continue reading

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Having a Conversation

A boy thought he was good at persuading for his age. He almost always succeeded to change his friends’ disagreeing opinions, so he had been satisfied with his persuasion skills. However, as time went by, he could see people not … Continue reading

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The Gender Pay Gap

You’ve heard the rumors about feminists, the “Man-Haters”. But the worst is when anti-feminists begin to discredit real issues, for example, the pay gap. According to the US Census Bureau women earn 78-cents to the white mans dollar, and this … Continue reading

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