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Finals got you down?

Here are ten ways to cope with your impending doom! 1.) Dig a hole. I mean, a really deep hole. Once you have dug said hole, lay in it. I’m not telling you to die there or anything, that’s entirely optional. … Continue reading

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Sunday Nights

What’s worse than Sunday? The impending doom of Monday morning lurking around the corner, homework piling up by the minute. How about waking up on Sunday and thinking it’s Saturday? The stomach drop when your phone blinks with “Sunday” is … Continue reading

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Tyson… Chicken?

Behold – Recently, one of the top meat producers in the U.S. invested in a new vegan meat producer, Beyond Meat. But why? It would seem that there is a new wave of vegetarianism, and I must say that I am … Continue reading

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The Magic of Cats

Have you ever pet a cat? Like- really pet a cat? I mean, yeah, sure, you’ve pet a dog. But dogs are easy. Dogs, for the most part, will waltz up to strangers, tails wagging, eyes bright, and ready to … Continue reading

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Fall in Southern California 

Sweaters are sweaty. Pumpkin spice burns your chapped, sunburnt lips. The adorable pinterest-esque fall leaves are more often represented by crunchy, dehydrated grass. Football games are too often stadiums crowded with sweaty bodies. The weather is less “let’s wear infinity scarves … Continue reading

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The Polls are Rigged. No, Really. 

“Donald Trump will never really get elected.”  Looking around, I admit, it’s hard to imagine. “77% of americans are women, are people of color, are gay, or are other minorities. He can’t win. He won’t.”(Read more here.) And he wouldn’t, if … Continue reading

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Finals week is here, and it’s not a favorite time of the year. All I hear from students seems to be “why are we doing this?” “what’s the point?” “I’m gonna fail” “I’m so stressed out.” So what are the … Continue reading

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