Let’s talk about planned parenthood

Welcome to Planned Parenthood, a place of murder. Real live people  being killed in this “safe” place, despite what some may say. Sure, people have choices, but why choose violence? Isn’t the government supposed to protect us from this stuff?

I bet you thought I was talking about fetuses, didn’t you? I was actually talking about the recent terrorist attack at a planned parenthood, in which three people were killed and nine injured. But you probably didn’t know about that. This is because there is little to no coverage, no conversations in class, no #prayforplannedparenthood, no artsy pictures to post about it, there is nothing. As a country, there is a huge blind spot here. Why?

Let’s cover the facts about the terrorist himself-

  • Robert Lewis Dear
  • 57 years old
  • White
  • Male
  • From South Carolina
  • Living in Colorado
  • Previous arrests for- 2 counts animal abuse & “peeping tom”
  • Accused of domestic assault


Now the story of the attack-

It was about 11:30 am on Friday when police received a call for help from the clinic. All the shoppers, workers, store owners, and passerby’s of the shopping center were told to take cover where they were. It took more than 4 hours for the police to secure the terrorist and give the people the go ahead, all the while they were evacuating people from the building and transporting them to the hospital. Nine were injured, and three were killed.

So, why are we still talking about this? Or better yet, why aren’t we talking about this?

Among many reasons, motive. The police said a motive could not be determined, but you heard the story. And to quote Dear, the attacker, “no more baby parts.” Doesn’t that seem clear enough? Or perhaps the very fact that he decided to plan his attack in a planned parenthood could be a cue for every news channel to support this incredible healthcare provider? Which brings us to news coverage. Where did it all go? Terrorism in the country, and we didn’t have it on every channel, covering it like the issue it is? Or, it would be, if eit were somewhere else by someone else. Besides, I bet that would be a pretty easy thing to talk about, I mean, Preaching pro-life and walking in with a gun, a bit backwards isn’t it? That sounds like priceless material for all the charismatic reporters.

So, I ask you, where did all the awareness go?


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