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Finals week is here, and it’s not a favorite time of the year. All I hear from students seems to be “why are we doing this?” “what’s the point?” “I’m gonna fail” “I’m so stressed out.” So what are the … Continue reading

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Finals Week

Finals week aka hell week is here As I am writing this I have a million things rushing around in my brain. Tomorrow I have an English final and I just realized that my grade hangs in the balance. How … Continue reading

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Best of Both Worlds

An eight night procession, filled with candles, presents, prayers, and good food that you later regret eating; also known as Hanukah. This tradition dating back hundreds of years is one representing the struggle for survival and  the prevalence of hope. Families … Continue reading

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While this school tries to be open-minded and celebrate all religions, the celebrations always end up being geared toward the ever-popular Christmas. Our gift exchange is called “Secret Snowflake” as opposed to “Secret Santa,” though most seem to refer to it … Continue reading

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Bang Bang

How is it possible that two people on the “Do Not Fly” list can purchase guns and ammunition? How is it that these two people can then take those weapons to shooting ranges and practice for what would be another … Continue reading

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I can pin point the exact moment my life fell apart. 10:27 AM. October 13. I was sketching on a large canvas laid out on the floor. He was yelling about something she was standing there taking it. I could … Continue reading

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Letter to Kimye’s Baby

On Saturday night, the second Kimye baby was brought into the world. At the time I am writing this the name of this baby boy is still unknown, but I really hope that his name is Easton because duh. Although … Continue reading

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