Letter to Kimye’s Baby

On Saturday night, the second Kimye baby was brought into the world. At the time I am writing this the name of this baby boy is still unknown, but I really hope that his name is Easton because duh.

Although Easton’s, I will now on refer to him as Easton to put good vibes into the universe, will have Kanye’s great advice, I am here to give Easton some advice for life in the limelight, because obviously I am the best person to be telling him these thing.

1. Be careful with the faces you pull as a child

Your big sister North has given some great faces in her childhood years. These faces have spread across social media like wildfire. But if you want some of your funny faces plastered on screens across America, more power to you little guy, because Norths are pretty darn adorable.

2. Don’t let the kids on the playground push you around.

Your dad is Kanye West. No one can push you around because soon you may be part of the first family of the United States.

3. Take fashion advice from your parents.

Your parents go to probably hundreds of fashions shows, they know what looks good, but you can wear what you want. I’m just saying if I had that resource I would take advantage.

4. Have fun.

I know living life in the public eye will be difficult. Paparazzis are the worst, but try to ignore them. Live your life how you want to. Go jump on a trampoline or something, just jump around and enjoy life

5. Don’t let the haters get to you

Social media will be hard. There will be plenty of haters who say that your baby face isn’t cute enough, but don’t listen to them. Be you and let the haters see you prosper.

Now I realize that the West family are probably not reading this blog post, but if they are I’m happy to babysit anytime you want.


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