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I am Comfortably a Grandma

I am a grandma at heart. I mean let’s be honest I love to knit, bake, read, and watch reruns of old BBC. I have yet to meet many other grandma souls, unless I am around an actual grandma. The … Continue reading

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Unwarranted Accusations

Welcome to America, where people judge others for things about which they know nothing. Say you relate to a religion, or group of people who have a bad reputation. Say you’ve done nothing, yet you still get blamed or treated poorly due to … Continue reading

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Throughout my years in middle school, my friend Lili and I would attend an annual Passover celebration that was put on by her family. I would look forward to this event as soon as the last one ended, counting down … Continue reading

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Free The Pegasus

Photo Credit to People have been telling me that the lines in the sky left behind airplanes, called contrails, are actually chemicals being sprayed by the government. Those people are stupid (with the exception of my lovely editor). The … Continue reading

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growing up

I used to fear the monster under my bed, now I fear the monster that lives within. I used to think that a scratched knee would be the worst pain I ever felt, now I know that the pain that doesn’t … Continue reading

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Senioritis is real. No matter how much I’ve tried to prevent it or convince myself that I haven’t been over taken by it, I am forced to accept that I have been. The thought of getting out of high school, … Continue reading

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Why I Do Not Enjoy Boats

Yesterday in AP Environmental, our teacher told the class that we are taking a class field trip to Anacapa Island. For most, this news was great, but for me, not so much. Not many things scare me to the point … Continue reading

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