I am Comfortably a Grandma

I am a grandma at heart.

I mean let’s be honest I love to knit, bake, read, and watch reruns of old BBC. I have yet to meet many other grandma souls, unless I am around an actual grandma.

The reason that I find that I am so grandma-ish is that knitting makes me feel productive even while I am avoiding responsibility.

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Baking: I can eat nearly every single step and it makes everything smell like butter and sugar.

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Reading: I get to travel to worlds and universes beyond wildest reaches of the world and I never have to get out of my pajamas or my pillow nest.

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I truly don’t understand why I am so much of a grandma, but I can say this, I’ll never be a conventional teen.

Another thing I can say is I will make one killer grandma

Unwarranted Accusations

Welcome to America, where people judge others for things about which they know nothing.

Say you relate to a religion, or group of people who have a bad reputation. Say you’ve done nothing, yet you still get blamed or treated poorly due to your affiliation to the group.

Take Muslims for an example. Many ignorant, misinformed people accuse Muslims of being Islamic Terrorists. Not only is that extremely racist, but it is simply inaccurate.

Just because someone relates to a group of people it does not mean that they are the same.

Similarly, German people have suffered some similar prejudices. There have been instances where someone from Germany has been accused of being racist or even being a Nazi. The kindest person could be treated awfully solely due to an accent.

These occurrences are more unfair than anything else. Kind, innocent individuals have done nothing, yet are targeted due to their accent or appearance. They have done nothing to gain a bad reputation, yet are stuck with this burden.

It’s unfair, disgusting, and needs to stop.


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