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Make America Great Again

With all the primaries and caucus’ happening right now, one can only imagine the rivalry occurring between the delegates. Specifically I want to talk about Jeb Bush and Donald Trump. Obviously all the delegates own websites that they use to … Continue reading

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The Bane of My Existence

If I had power over the entire world, here are a few things I would banish from existence: 1. Mushrooms Mushrooms are the bane of my existence. They are fungus. Fungus! Yet people still choose to eat these smelly, squishy, brownish-gray lumps … Continue reading

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Uh-Oh Superbowl

The Super Bowl. Probably one of the most American things to happen in America. Being an American for my entire existence I’ve come to enjoy this sporting event. I’ve seen so many, that I know if it is relatively good … Continue reading

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Millionaire’s Row

  The Vanderbilt Mansion This gorgeous mansion, along with seventeen other private mansions, was located in New York City on Fifth Avenue, AKA Millionaire’s Row. Unfortunately, this amazing property has since been demolished. Unfortunately (again), there are so many mansions are Millionaire’s … Continue reading

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It takes a lot to get me emotionally devastated by books, movies, tv shows, and video games. The new game, Firewatch, broke my heart and made me shed a tear just 10 minutes in. The player plays through the eyes … Continue reading

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Star Wars Spectacular

A few weeks ago my friend Hanna and I decided to go see the latest installment in the beloved Star Wars series. I had only seen one of the movies previous to this, so I really had no idea what … Continue reading

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Sorry Men Suck

Uber is a blessing. Uber saves lives, but this month every girls worst fear about Uber came true for the daughter of director Kevin Smith. Harley Quinn Smith posted on Instagram the details of her scary encounter.   Harley, who stars … Continue reading

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