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Sticks and Stones

I love words. They are my sanctuary. I love writing stories with them and talking to people with them. Except I hate the words that carry bullets. The ones that once they leave the mouth, they leave a gaping wound. … Continue reading

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Toward Home

Darkness descends early here. Barely a blink between light and dark. One moment sweating the next the sweat is becoming chill beads against your rapidly cooling skin. I didn’t really know what to think when my ride left stranded, minutes … Continue reading

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Existential Crisis of the Young

It grabs around the bottom of my ribs. Like a tightening rope, not choking but not comfortable. Just tight. It begs the question, what are you doing? It just kind of hits randomly, this feeling of tightness. I could be … Continue reading

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When I was little, I lived in a little house in Hadley, Massachusetts. It was in the countryside – it wasn’t cut off from civilization, but it was outside of the bustle of the town. Three sides of my house were … Continue reading

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Not So Happy Holidays

Holidays are such precious things. I remember when I was little I could barely fall asleep before Christmas Day. I remember popping out of my bed Easter morning and running downstairs to find the eggs the Easter bunny hid. I … Continue reading

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The Teen That Survived 3 Terrorist Attacks Scatter Across the Globe

(photo credit: ABC News) Unfortunately, terrorism is not new and it is not uncommon. But, it is stomach-churningly awful. To hear about a terrorism attack on the news, if it is 5 or 5,000 miles away, makes one’s stomach drop. … Continue reading

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I dove off the scorching rock, my hands piercing the bright blue water. Completely submerged into the cool, salty ocean, I propelled myself forward, deeper and deeper. Pushing past tangles of seaweed and batting away the occasional bottle or can, … Continue reading

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