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Photo Credit: English. Math. Language. History. Science. These are just the core subjects on which students are preparing to be tested on for the last time this year. But for some students, the list goes past these 5. Or … Continue reading

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The Hunter

the hounds have a strong scent.   my father sent me on this hunt. it is not my first it is not my last i can’t let him down. i must prevail. the family name is at stake and all … Continue reading

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It was kinda cold. It was kinda dark. It was kinda wet. In fact I was miserable. I had mud streaking down the plains of my neck down the curve of my back. I had been punched down and didn’t … Continue reading

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Women vs Society

The way that women look is everything to society Walking down the street, you see women all different shapes, sizes, ethnicities We are all different So why does the mainstream media want us all to look the same? We grew up … Continue reading

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The Eighth Year

The day after my eighth birthday, my mother went on a date. She vowed that it would be her last date before she gave up. Two days after my eighth birthday, my mother got her first phone call after an … Continue reading

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Springtime Magic

Spring is full of magic. Sure it brings the obvious, like flowers and butterflies; and then there’s the cliché that “romance is in the air.” But on closer inspection, spring is more than what meets the eye. Springtime means new flowers, … Continue reading

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Don’t Keep Calm: Beyoncé Released Her Album

Photo Credit: After a three year wait since her last self-titled album, Beyoncé has blessed the world, yet again, with another visual album, Lemonade. HBO was the first to release the exclusive content to the world, and then it hit Tidal, … Continue reading

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