Women vs Society

The way that women look is everything to society

Walking down the street, you see women all different shapes, sizes, ethnicities

We are all different

So why does the mainstream media want us all to look the same?


We grew up flipping through magazines with photoshopped women and saying to ourselves, “Why can’t I look like that?”

Women have become mannequins and society has become the shop owner

Deciding what is in fashion and dressing us accordingly

Deciding what size is right and what body shape is right and then attempting to change us

And we give in

I am tired of running in circles trying to figure out what society wants me to look like and frantically trying to look that way before suddenly society decides that that “look” is no longer wanted

I don’t fit perfectly into the mold

I don’t want to anymore

53% of American girls hate their body

I refuse to remain a part of that statistic.

I just want to be happy

I just want to be me



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