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Bad Singers

I have spent the majority of this year singing at random times, even though I know I’m musically impaired. But why are some people ear-splittingly bad, à la moi?  Yahoo explains. Some people’s brain simply can not perceive notes correctly, which produces … Continue reading

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It’s Almost Over

I can almost see the finish line We are so close to summer, the only thing in the way is…finals. *hiss* Now I am sure that you are sick and tired of hearing high schoolers complain about how long the … Continue reading

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This is the end

Today is Thursday, May 26th, 2016. Today is the last academic day of school. Today is the last day of my junior year. Tomorrow is the first final. One week later is graduation. Three months later, the next school year … Continue reading

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Last. Blog. Ever.

Tonight, I am writing my last blog for the Ojai Valley School Journalism class. I have has such an incredible experience here at OVS, and a part of that was being involved in this class. Being given the opportunity to express my … Continue reading

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Just Gender Things

From the moment a baby is born, they’re wrapped in either a pink or blue blanket. Since before they can talk, they either wear dresses or overalls. Before they can read, they’re watching Disney Princess movies or superhero movies. A … Continue reading

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Cannes Fashion

Cannes 2016 is coming to a close, and as the celebrities, or more likely, their assistants, pack up their designer gowns, suits, and shoes, and prepare for their next red carpet here are my favorite looks. Sonam Kapoor Kapoor … Continue reading

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It was snowing. It always seemed to be snowing, but it had gotten worse. Now it was red. The civil war had escalated and the world weeped in response. It had been years since the snow had been white. Years … Continue reading

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