It was snowing. It always seemed to be snowing, but it had gotten worse. Now it was red. The civil war had escalated and the world weeped in response.

It had been years since the snow had been white. Years since the first generation fighting the war had died. It had been years since I’d seen them. Years since they had seen me.

I remember seeing them disappear into the haze of steaming snow, the snow had only been a faint pink then. I remember watching them turn their backs on me.

Everything seemed bloody now. Everything had taken a side. Every decomposing body became part of the atmosphere.

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The world had been falling apart for far too long. I never saw a time of a white snow. But I have heard it was truly beautiful.

I just want to see the snow fall in a white blanket, once.

Maybe someday.

End of the year fun

I hate to be one of those people complaining about the hardship that is junior year, or all the work piling up as finals approach and the year comes to an end.

Yet here I am.

I am beyond stressed out, to put it frankly. As finals are getting closer, teachers are assigning huge projects and cramming in tests, which are piling up and overlapping. There are two weeks until finals start, and I think it’s safe to say that for me, they will be the busiest weeks of the school year.

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I know that everyone is complaining about the amount of work that has been assigned, as well as the chaos surrounding the end of the year, but I have legitimate reason to complain – I have so much going on.

Everyone says that junior year is the hardest year. I’ve always been told that this year brings about the most work, and is the most stressful. Well the proof is in the pudding – I have so much to do, and am a little ball of stress. I can’t wait for the year to be over!



It’s 11:11

A minute left until 11:12

It’s 11:11.

What do you wish for?

A new car?

Your crush to notice you?

To have everything you’ve ever wanted?

There’s 30 seconds until 11:12.

What is it going to be?

To be a billionaire?

To finally ace a math test?

Do you wish for more wishes?

There’s 15 seconds until 11:12

You’re running out of time

You stayed up this late to make this wish and now you can’t decide?

There’s 10 seconds until 11:12.

What are you going to do with these 10 seconds?

How do you possibly not know what to wish for?

There’s 5 seconds until 11:12.

You’re tired and Glee is playing in the back while you frantically try and find a wish

You close your eyes tight and wish for free gas for a year




It’s 11:12

Well damn you probably should have wished for the cure to cancer

Oh well just wait 12 hours and your chance will come again

Just A Thought

Every day when I wake up, I find myself thinking about things that may be important to me at that moment; if my hair is straight, how my skin looks or if my outfit is figure-flattering… but in all honesty, all of this is irrelevant.

We spend so much time focused on the things that make us temporarily happy like looking skinny or driving a nice car or having the most likes on an Instagram picture, but why does any of this matter? What is the purpose?

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy social media and feeling confident and purchasing nice things, but what REALLY matters? That is my question.

I feel like we focus too much on the superficial, rather than the necessary.

I am speaking from watching family members and friends suffer through the horrifying effects of cancer, Crohn’s, and Alzheimer’s, not through personal experience of these diseases; but when your health, your life, your comfort is threatened, all of those factors change.

You begin to focus on your comfort, your happiness, your health… unfortunately, the reality check came because of the diagnosis of an illness, but that’s when you start to realize what is sincerely important.

I experienced a drastic change in my health two years ago after I experienced a surgical complication, and I remember how things changed.

For a while after that surgery, I remained in a mood of distress, in constant physical pain. But through this, I was able to realize how strong my primal instincts were; I remember those feelings dynamically, and they will never escape me.

After reading an article surrounding the effects of cancer earlier this evening, I remembered how I felt then and reevaluated how lucky I am now.

This article hit me right in that spot that nobody wants to be touched, the one where your throat swells and your eyes throb and you breathe deeply to stop the emotions you are feeling from consuming you.

Now when I wake up in the morning, I will look at myself and think about how lucky I am to be alive, to be healthy, to be eating my breakfast, to have a family, to have a roof over my head, and to have each of the opportunities before me that I do.

I am happy, I am healthy, I feel terrific.




We need nap time!

When I was in kindergarten, we had nap time every day. We would come back inside after recess each day, and without fail there would be mats laid out all over the classroom floor. We would each have to pick a mat, and once we laid down, that was where we had to stay for an hour without getting up.

I hated nap time. All the kids did. But now, I would give anything for it.

During that hour, we had to lay on our mats quietly – we could read if we didn’t want to sleep, but we couldn’t visit with friends. We were always so restless, watching the clock and counting down the minutes until the hour was over.

Now in high school, having an hour of nap time during the school day would be luxurious. I am constantly sleep deprived after staying up into the small hours of the morning working on homework, and I can say definitively that I would take FULL advantage of an allotted nap time.

All I can say is that as high schoolers, I think we deserve nap time.

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Poems for Thought

Almost every time I see my sister she says the same thing.

“You really should start journaling.”

And to this very day, I have resisted. I have chosen to not follow my sister’s advice, something I usually regret later on. Instead, I have developed ways to kind of journal. My newest favorite being a quote book.

I thought of making it when the storage filled up on my phone due to the massive collections of screenshots of quotes I’ve found on Instagram. So, naturally, I used a notebook my sister got for me. 

Since then I’ve been writing down quotes on what seems to be a daily basis. However I feel, I’ll pick a quote matching it. If a quote resonates with me, I’ll write it down.

The most special thing is I can write some of my own poetry or incorporate my ideas into other poems. Each page has a different layout, design, and meaning.

So, in a way, my sister’s dream has come true. I write almost everyday, but not exactly the way she likes it.


The Infamous Gap Year

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Currently I’m writing an article about a senior who is taking the path less travelled. Rather than jumping straight from high school to college, she’s taking a year in between. Before I started writing this articles I knew what gap years were, but I associated them with partying and messing around. That is not the case. Students who take gap years get to travel, do charity work, take a break from the competitive atmosphere of high school before going into even more rigorous college academics, work, and discover themselves out in the world on their own. Even Harvard recommends gap years. Just look at Malia Obama. Gap years are finally starting to drift away from the notion that they are filled with parties and are starting to be recognized as beneficial. I’m grateful I was given this article to write, because now I am aware all the benefits gap years can yield, and who knows, maybe I’ll take one now.

Game of Thrones Fourth Horseman Theory

In the season 6 trailer Bran Stark is seen with what appears to be the White Walker leader. While I believe this is a dream I think the White Walker King is looking for Bran. But why would the White Walker King want to find Bran you might ask. It’s simple Near the end of season 5 during the White Walkers siege on the Wildling camp there was 4 horseman ominously watching the battle from the cliffs overlooking the camp. At some point, one of these horsemen joined the battle and was killed by Jon Snow. Because he died they are probably looking for someone to take his place. I think The White Walker King wants Bran to take his place making Bran one of the four horsemen. Brans ability to warg may transfer when he turns into a white walker giving him the ability to control the living and the dead. It only makes sense that the white walkers find a new horseman because George RR Martin is clearly alluding to the four horsemen of the apocalypse and three just doesn’t cut it.