It’s 11:11

A minute left until 11:12

It’s 11:11.

What do you wish for?

A new car?

Your crush to notice you?

To have everything you’ve ever wanted?

There’s 30 seconds until 11:12.

What is it going to be?

To be a billionaire?

To finally ace a math test?

Do you wish for more wishes?

There’s 15 seconds until 11:12

You’re running out of time

You stayed up this late to make this wish and now you can’t decide?

There’s 10 seconds until 11:12.

What are you going to do with these 10 seconds?

How do you possibly not know what to wish for?

There’s 5 seconds until 11:12.

You’re tired and Glee is playing in the back while you frantically try and find a wish

You close your eyes tight and wish for free gas for a year




It’s 11:12

Well damn you probably should have wished for the cure to cancer

Oh well just wait 12 hours and your chance will come again

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