A Tragic Story of Prom and Permits: Part 2


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Bethany jumped out of her car, tripping on her prom dress, and ran along the road right next to the riverbed towards the fallen deer. The deer didn’t make it. Bethany fell to her knees, and started to cry. Her wailing disabled her from hearing the foot steps behind her. But, she did feel the baseball bat against her skull.

The assailant happened to be a drunk, peace-loving hippie who thought she killed the deer, and wanted to stop her. When the hippie realized Bethany was trying to save the deer, he panicked and threw Bethany and the deer into the empty, rocky riverbed next to the road to cover up his mistake.

While Bethany was unconscious lying in the empty river bed, Ben was waiting for Bethany at the prom site. He assumed he stood her up, even though they weren’t going together.

Bethany woke up hours later, confused. Her car was gone. She called Ben, as she knew he would always answer. He didn’t this time. And they never talked again.

Fortune Favors the Loud

We have been designed to look for the loudest most colorful person or thing in the room.

In a classroom the person who talks the loudest and the most get’s the credit. Extroverts feed off of attention and sociability and are generally bolder. These are those loud people who don’t stop talking in class who seem to apply themselves the most.

Introverts fall by the way side. They’re the ones that sit quietly work just as hard but just with less noise.

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The world has been trained to look at the people marketing themselves. Extroverts are naturally more comfortable with this.

Schools are obsessed with group work. Painful for anyone who does not relish in social encounters, and for students who want to make the grades but are paired with lazy students it is legitimate pain. It caters to those who are better at working in loud settings.

It’s a punch in the gut. The fact that people can’t see that quiet doesn’t mean not trying.

8 Carrie GIFS That Describe Prom Night

When you’re feeling really great as you put your makeup on


When you finally get your dress on and a teacher tries to dress code you


When you walk into prom and you see someone wearing the same dress as you


When you start losing hope for actually having fun but then they start playing your song


When someone tells you that you look really good


And then realize the person who told you that is notoriously fake


When you finally get home and you realize you sweat all your makeup off


When you are allowed to wash your face after a long night

But all and all, prom is super fun!  So kick off your shoes and dance!!