Fortune Favors the Loud

We have been designed to look for the loudest most colorful person or thing in the room.

In a classroom the person who talks the loudest and the most get’s the credit. Extroverts feed off of attention and sociability and are generally bolder. These are those loud people who don’t stop talking in class who seem to apply themselves the most.

Introverts fall by the way side. They’re the ones that sit quietly work just as hard but just with less noise.

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The world has been trained to look at the people marketing themselves. Extroverts are naturally more comfortable with this.

Schools are obsessed with group work. Painful for anyone who does not relish in social encounters, and for students who want to make the grades but are paired with lazy students it is legitimate pain. It caters to those who are better at working in loud settings.

It’s a punch in the gut. The fact that people can’t see that quiet doesn’t mean not trying.

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