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English. Math. Language. History. Science.

These are just the core subjects on which students are preparing to be tested on for the last time this year. But for some students, the list goes past these 5. Or they might be taking the AP classes of them, and are preparing for the AP tests kicking off on Monday. Our teachers, parents, elders, siblings, etc. reiterate the same “comforting” words of wisdom: don’t worry.

How are we not supposed to worry when some of these tests affect up to 50% of our grade? How are we not supposed to worry if we  end up getting poor grades and are punished for it. Or the fact that colleges and universities will be looking at these grades and our GPA’s, two things that are heavily affected by these finals.

They tell us not to worry, not to stress, get plenty of sleep, and relax during finals week but when it comes down to it most of the people telling students these things will be disappointed when we don’t reach their expectations.

And the stress keeps piling up as we move up the ranks in high school. During finals, 10th graders wish to have it as easy as 9th graders, 11th graders feel this way about 10th graders, and I’m guessing 12th graders just want to leave high school.


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