Uh-Oh Superbowl

The Super Bowl. Probably one of the most American things to happen in America.

Being an American for my entire existence I’ve come to enjoy this sporting event. I’ve seen so many, that I know if it is relatively good or not.

This year was the 50th Super Bowl. That means half a century of an annual celebration of two team going head-to-head throwing around a football. Because of this, I had high expectations. And I was let down.

Now, I’m not a huge football fan, but the actual game wasn’t that exciting. From pretty early in the game, the Broncos were dominating the Panthers. The best football games are the ones that captivate you until the last quarter. But by the fourth quarter, the Panthers didn’t stand a chance.

The next disappointment was the half-time performance. This year it was Coldplay ft. Beyonce and Bruno Mars. Now, I thought Coldplay and Beyonce were going to perform their new song, Hymn For the Weekend. And during their colorful performance, Coldplay provided plenty of buildup to make the final number worthwhile. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Coldplay performed some of their most popular singles and then Bruno Mars and Beyonce just popped up. Donning black leather outfits with gold accents, the two stars competed in a dance battle. Unfortunately for Coldplay, Beyonce completely upstaged them. Especially, revealing her Formation World Tour right after. Overall, there could’ve been more cohesion during the half-time performance.

Finally, the commercials. Oh how terrible they were. The only one that gave me hope was the Heinz commercial with the wiener dogs running in a field of flowers. Now that was cute. Besides that, there was honestly no good content. I mean there was a commercial for IBS and toenail fungus.

And that’s why this year’s Super Bowl was not my favorite.

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