Brothers or Losers

Lacrosse is one of if not the hardest team sport offered to high school students. Coming into the 2016 season I had little optimism and little enthusiasm; we were coming off a no-win season and we were only losing more and more experienced players. We’ve added numerous new names to the roster, but very few of which have any lacrosse experience. It’s proving to be quite a challenge for the OVS lacrosse team to come together and play to their full potential.

For those that aren’t familiar with lacrosse it is a blend of soccer, hockey, football, and basketball. Every player has a stick customized to his preference and position. There are short poles, long poles, and a goalie stick. There are two half to a lacrosse field and ten players total. Three defensive players have to stay on their respective sides and three offensive players stay to theirs, the midfield can move between the two sides freely, the goalie stays in the goal. The game is very fast paced and each team will try to set up on the other teams side until someone has the opportunity to shoot on the goal. All players must wear a helmet, mouth guard, gloves, arm pads, and a shoulder pad. Lacrosse is a full contact sport that will make you want to quit after the first quarter of a game.

Here’s an in-depth video on what lacrosse is:

I’m hoping that as the season progresses and we go through more practices and games the team can start to come together and learn to play this amazing sport as a team. Our first game comes March 16th, every game is winnable, but only if we want it more than the other team.


Make America Great Again

With all the primaries and caucus’ happening right now, one can only imagine the rivalry occurring between the delegates. Specifically I want to talk about Jeb Bush and Donald Trump.

Obviously all the delegates own websites that they use to keep their followers up to date, like all websites they need to be kept up to date with their licensing and payments. Recently Jeb Bush decided not to renew his rights to the domain, and guess who bought it? You bet, Donald Trump bought Jeb Bush’s website domain. So anytime you enter it redirects you to Donald Trump’s main campaign website.

Here’s Donald Trump tweeting about it: 

I don’t support Trump at all, but I love his savageness.

Are we destroying our ocean?

Over 70 percent of the Earth is covered by oceans and over half of the human population lives near the ocean. Yet, human’s do next to nothing in keeping the oceans clean.

In the past half-century the use of plastic has multiplied by 20. More than 8 million tons of plastic is dumped in the ocean annually – that’s about one garbage truck per minute.

That’s expected to increase to four garbage trucks per minute by 2050. We are on track to have more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050.

At this point the production of plastic is irreversible and the 165 million tons of plastic that’s in our ocean right now will have to be cleaned, but we have to ask ourselves: will we do something to stop this destruction? Or will this wanton dumping continue until we destroy our ocean.


Doctor Talib

The Broncos defense was extra aggressive last Sunday when they visited the Indianapolis Colts.

It’s safe to say that the Broncos defense is the best in the NFL and their secondary prides themselves as a “no fly zone.” However, the Andrew Luck led offense of the Colts easily picked apart the Broncos defense and this angered many defensive players.

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Frustrated about his team’s performance, Aqib Talib, a corner of the Denver Broncos, took to unorthodox methods of playing defense. On one of the last plays of the game, Colts tight end Dwayne Allen and Von Miller were jawing when Aqib ran up and stuck his fingers in Allen’s helmet and purposely poked Allen’s eye.

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Talib has been suspended by the NFL for one game. He was suspended ONE game for trying to gouge another player’s eyes out. Talib definitely should be suspended more than one game.

Oh, and someone had the great idea of changing Talib’s position from cornerback to optometrist.

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South Park is the Future

South Park is possibly the single most offensive and insensitive show on Earth. The show also has a knack of predicting the future.

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South Park was created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone and revolves around four boys – Eric Cartman, Kenny McCormick, Stan Marsh, and Kyle Broflovski as they embark on numerous bizarre adventures in a small town in Colorado. The animated comedy satirizes and portrays sensitive topics in the most crude manner possible.

Somehow during the story making process the producers of the show manage to predict the future.

In episode two of the twelfth season (aired March 19, 2008) the boys are involved in the sacrifice of Britney Spears in order to better the corn harvest. The episode chooses Britney Spears’ downward spiral for its entire story. At the end, once they have killed Britney there is a broadcast that determines the next target. The target presented was a then 15 year old Miley Cyrus. How we wish South Park did not predict this one.

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In episode one of the sixth season (aired March 6 2002). Jared is giving a speech about how eating Subway has helped him lose weight. The four boys go to talk to him and convince him to tell the truth that Subway doesn’t help him lose weight, that he has aides that help him stay in shape. Jared announces that he has aides but the townspeople mistook it for the disease AIDS. Obviously they did not take this news well and Jared lost his job. He then comes up with idea that will regain his popularity, he creates the “Aides for Everyone” campaign and announces he wants to give every kid aides. The townspeople again mistake him for wanting to transmit the STI to their children.

This is no coincidence or luck, South Park can predict the future people.

American Football Meets Crumpets

October 25 marked the thirteenth NFL game in London’s Wembley stadium since 2007. The less than disappointing bout between the Buffalo Bills and Jacksonville Jaguars was witnessed by over 84,000 cheering Brits.

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I hope that they know they are cheering for the Buffalo Bills and the Jacksonville Jaguars…

Regardless of what low echelon team plays in Wembley, the soccer loving British will always find a way to fill the seats.

They have managed to hold two sell-out games in two weeks. The Bills versus Jags, and the Kansas City Chiefs versus the Detroit Lions.

In the 2015 season there are three scheduled games in London, next year league officials have told London fans that there are to be four.

This growing popularity in pigskin slinging in London has encouraged London officials to encourage a permanent team in England.

The most popular NFL team in London are the Jacksonville Jaguars – yeah I know.

NFL representatives are optimistic that a team could be moved to the crumpet-munchers around 2022.

Jumping In My List

As an adrenaline junky and extreme sports enthusiast; I encourage activities that include lapses of free-falling. That’s why I felt so compelled to write about the 36th annual Bridge Day in Fayetteville, West Virginia.

This event attracted an estimated 400 jumpers and 10,000 spectators to the 800 foot drop of the New River Gorge bridge. One after one, the jumpers stepped off the edge of the bridge to commence their free fall.

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What is BASE jumping and why would anyone ever do it?

Well, let’s explain the easy part first.

B.A.S.E stands for buildings, antennas, spans, and earth. The latter of the two meaning bridges and cliffs. The basic idea is that the jumper climbs to the top of one of the four mentioned and jumps off of it with a parachute. Jumps are usually under 1600 ft and speeds can reach up to 120 mph – Dang!

When questioned whether BASE diving was worth dying for one anonymous jumper explained, “BASE Jumping isn’t worth dying for, but it is worth risking dying for.”

One jumper from New River Gorge explained that BASE jumping feels like “nothing else in the world is a thought that goes through your brain, it’s just pure serenity.” Another jumper said that she could “convince myself to do pretty much anything,” if she could convince herself “to do something like this (meaning BASE jumping).”

Most people probably won’t BASE jump in their lives, but I know I will.