In the US of A every Sunday is a day of gathering between family and friends. No, not church, football!

Picture Credit: “cdn.fansided.com”

Now picture this, you’re sitting with your friends on Sunday and turn on a NFL game. You tune in just as commercials start. You think, “oh no big deal, I’ll just go grab some more chips and guacamole”. When you get back one of the teams is running a play so you sit down to watch it. Five seconds later the play is over and commercials come back on.

Now you have food, but no entertainment. Unless, of course, you enjoy the same commercials being repeated for three hours.

This infuriated me, I felt that I was watching less of the actual game compared to commercial time. So I did a little bit of research.

Picture Credit: “www.sportsgrid.com”



This pie graph will help demonstrate my frustration. According to the graph, the actual action in a football game (meaning when the ball is snapped till the play is called dead by an official) happens in a mere 11 minutes. Compared to that there are 63 minutes of commercials, 67 minutes of players standing around, 35 minutes of random shots of coaches, the crowd and cheerleaders. Even the replays take up more time with 15 minutes.

If that doesn’t annoy a football enthusiast like myself, then I don’t know what will.

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