The Gender Pay Gap

You’ve heard the rumors about feminists, the “Man-Haters”.

But the worst is when anti-feminists begin to discredit real issues, for example, the pay gap.

According to the US Census Bureau women earn 78-cents to the white mans dollar, and this is just white women. It becomes less and less through the races.

In case you are having issues visualizing this, take a look at this data provided by salary research company pay scale.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 3.22.29 PMScreen Shot 2015-10-20 at 3.22.53 PM

Let’s look at how this works out in some other cases.


This chart comes from the research organization AAUW.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 8.06.57 PM

This is a graph from the US Bureau of Labor.

At this point you may think, “yeah, but like, women take maternity leave and don’t get into as many high paying industries.”

Even if all of these factors were taken away, women would still only make between 93-95% of what men would, according to CONSAD’s analysis. Sexism at its finest, folks.

So yeah, unless us “man haters” control the government and world-renowned research organizations, it’s a pretty real thing.


Hello Adele

This week Adele was a Phoenix.

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She came up from the ashes and built herself up again.

In 2012, Adele left the world of music and took an almost 4 year hiatus to focus on herself.

She took time to have her stranded voice rebuild and for her to build a family.

This week she has brought her name back into the tabloids, by revealing that she is going to release a new album, named “25” and she released a single from that same album called “Hello.”

The music video for “Hello” already has 11 million views and counting in the first day.

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I was walking by a group of people talking about Adele’s all-mighty comeback and they said something that struck me, “I thought that she was going to be skinny when she finally came back.”

Adele is amazingly talented and even though she isn’t the media’s picture of beauty doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t be celebrated

So take a listen to “Hello,” and you will hear how she has perfectly encompassed the emotions that so many of us have experience.

Live by Curiosity, Not Fear

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Friday October 23rd my parents and I made the relatively strenuous drive at 8:30 at night to Redlands University to see my brother at his college Homecoming.

To be honest, I couldn’t care less about football. In fact, I chatted the whole time and not about the plays being made on the field.

But, on Saturday, the day of the largely anticipated game (admittedly, not by me), I went to see something truly unforgettable.

A few hours before the game, Redlands hosted a guest speaker and that speaker was Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat, Pray, Love.

I read the book a few years ago and loved it, so I was looking forward to her speech. The main idea of Gilbert’s speech was her desire to live a creative life, her journey to attaining that life, and to encourage others into also living this life.

First of all, she was very clear: to live a creative life, you must follow curiosity rather than fear, and the two are closely intertwined.

This deeply resonated with me, as I am the type of person who thinks of every bad side to a situation and lets those (usually improbable) reasons sway me from not doing something.

Gilbert was inspiring, intuitive, and an amazing speaker. The speech was definitely worth having to watch a football game afterward, though I did leave at halftime.

How can I focus on anything but grades?

Don’t focus so much on your grades.”

Teachers have said this over and over again since I started high school.

They constantly tell me to not focus on the end result, but to focus on the material, to develop an interest and study it out of enjoyment, not because I want to get a passing grade.

I don’t understand that at all. Why am I being told not to care so much about my grades or to not study only because I want a good grade, when in reality everything comes down to “intelligence” being perceived from a grade.

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They say that the grade you get isn’t the important part, so why do we get grades at all?

For a teacher to tell me to calm down and relax and not concentrate or obsess so much over what my grade will be, is hands down the most frustrating thing a teacher can ever say.

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It is simple, if teachers don’t want me to focus so much on the grade, then don’t “reward or punish” with a grade.


I hear a lot of people say, “Why is my life so hard?”

And I want to ask them back is, “Why do you think that your life shouldn’t be hard?”

People, including myself, have a tendency to perceive hard lives to be unhappy lives.

However, if you change the way you think a little bit, you can be happier than before.


There are tiring parts but there are still fun parts in our lives.

If you don’t love all your tough challenges and uphill battles, you are not loving your own life.

Love your entire life, even the hardest parts of it.

Happiness will then come to you.



American Football Meets Crumpets

October 25 marked the thirteenth NFL game in London’s Wembley stadium since 2007. The less than disappointing bout between the Buffalo Bills and Jacksonville Jaguars was witnessed by over 84,000 cheering Brits.

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I hope that they know they are cheering for the Buffalo Bills and the Jacksonville Jaguars…

Regardless of what low echelon team plays in Wembley, the soccer loving British will always find a way to fill the seats.

They have managed to hold two sell-out games in two weeks. The Bills versus Jags, and the Kansas City Chiefs versus the Detroit Lions.

In the 2015 season there are three scheduled games in London, next year league officials have told London fans that there are to be four.

This growing popularity in pigskin slinging in London has encouraged London officials to encourage a permanent team in England.

The most popular NFL team in London are the Jacksonville Jaguars – yeah I know.

NFL representatives are optimistic that a team could be moved to the crumpet-munchers around 2022.