We’re Toast

Today is a terrible, terrible day.

 One of the things I hold most dear could be seriously hurting me.  That’s right, bread may cause cancer.

A report courtesy of environmental research and the advocacy organization Environmental Working Group, shows that potassium bromate is used in at least 86 baked goods and other products found in supermarkets. 

Various lab tests on animals found that potassium bromate causes significant increase in kidney, thyroid and other cancers in animals. Also, a 2011 study found that it can damage DNA  and cause stress in humans. 

It is still unsure how much potassium bromate a human would have to consume before it started to cause health issues.

  Potassium bromate has already been banned by the European Union, U.K, Canada and Brazil.  So what’s with the wait U.S?

  I am ready for the day I can buy as many baked goods from the grocery store and not worry about cancer.  

I mean cancer should be the last thing I should worry about as I walk through the aisles of Vons. 

Maybe I could worry about college or something, but bread cancer? Hell no.

Credit to Huffington Post


Outcast – a person who has been rejected by society or a social group.

This may be the common definition and concept of what an outcast is,  however,  I don’t agree with it. I believe that there are many different forms of an outcast. I believe in some cases an outcast can be considered a drifter.

Photo Credit: https://drscdn.500px.org

A drifter is someone who isn’t necessarily an outcast, separated or rejected by society but someone who is distant. Doing their own thing, while being associated with the “in” crowd but is always just on the outside. It’s like being in a group of people but always having a thin piece of glass separating the individual from the group of people.


I wonder how the people in the “in” crowd feel?

Do they too consider themselves as popular or with the “in” crowd, or do they think of themselves as drifters?