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Mizzou Protests

I graduated from OVS last year, and I am now a lowly freshman at the University of Missouri. I wrote for this blog frequently during my three years as a writer for On the Hill, and thought it would be a … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about planned parenthood

Welcome to Planned Parenthood, a place of murder. Real live people  being killed in this “safe” place, despite what some may say. Sure, people have choices, but why choose violence? Isn’t the government supposed to protect us from this stuff? … Continue reading

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Anna Wintour GIFS that Express Every Stage of Finals

I’m going to say it, Anna Wintour is queen (in my opinion). Some find her intimidating, and have coined her the “ice queen.” But I disagree, she is the god of Vogue and Anna’s opinion matters in the fashion industry. Needless … Continue reading

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It’s like a beast clawing and gnawing the constant pool of snakes in your gut. The cold ice shard between your shoulder-blades. Arms and stomach numb, eyes shifting beneath downcast lashes, shaky sighs, jerky movements. Jumpy, jaw clenched. Eyes everywhere … Continue reading

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Until It Happens To You

Photo Credit: (not my accident) Before every Thanksgiving break, the Ojai Valley School’s upper campus receives a speech from headmaster Mr. Cooper about safety. This talk consistently includes the statement, “the most dangerous thing you can do it get … Continue reading

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City Girl

I find myself often dreaming about cities far away from the sheltered place I called home.  New York, London and Tokyo called my name, but I couldn’t respond to them.  Seeing picture of New York made my heart ache.  I … Continue reading

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If I could live anywhere in the world, I wouldn’t limit myself to one location – I would backpack across the world and escape from society, exploring each corner of the earth. I would separate myself from civilization as I … Continue reading

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