Foods I Hate

I’m a picky eater.

I am the type of person who spends 20 minutes ordering at a restaurant because of all the substitutions.

I know a lot of people are like this (or at least I hope), and if anyone reading this takes me out to eat, I hope this helps you.

The first food that I strongly dislike are tomatoes. Especially raw tomatoes. If you like raw tomatoes, you are a strong person. The texture, the taste, and basically everything about tomatoes makes me sick to my stomach. I’m pretty sure the reasons that tomatoes are red is because they are the spawn of satan.

If that doesn’t show how picky of an eater I am, here is number 2

Oranges. I really wish I like oranges. Trust me a tried. As a youngster, at half time at my soccer games, I would always grab a slice of orange, but I just couldn’t do it. The texture is the only thing that really puts me off.  It’s just that when ever the orange hits my teeth, bam, instant gag reflex. (I apologize to anyone who hates the word gag.) As a substitution, go with apples. I like apples.

The last food I don’t like is iceberg lettuce. The texture sends shivers down my spine and it also has zero taste. Also it is basically all water. If I’m going to eat something I better enjoy it. If you want something with more nutritional value, try spinach.

If you get me any of these foods, I can not promise that our friendship will continue.



One thought on “Foods I Hate

  1. I used to have a list of foods I hated, but instead of avoiding them, which can make the flavour and texture become more unfamiliar, I ate them. I ate them a lot. My tastes changed and I started to tolerate those foods and then later love them. It’s been 5 years and there’s nothing left on the list of foods I hate. Seriously. I once read that it takes 10 tries for a person to become familiar with a food, and 10 more before they’ll start to enjoy it. If your tastebuds are annoying you, it’s worth a shot. The best way to eat the things you don’t like is smothered in things you do enjoy. That’s where I started.

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