If I could live anywhere in the world, I wouldn’t limit myself to one location – I would backpack across the world and escape from society, exploring each corner of the earth. I would separate myself from civilization as I went from place to place, exploring my inner self and soothing my soul.

Wherever I would go – whether it be through Europe or South America, I would immerse myself in the wilderness, allowing myself to occasionally venture out and experience the culture, pushing and exploring my boundaries.

Photo Credit: 40.media.tumblr.com

If I were to backpack across Europe, I would seek out beautiful forests, isolated from society and welcoming to lone travelers. I would go during the summer, so I could sleep on the Balkan coastline, breathing in the salty air, or at the top of the Slovenian Mountains, feeling the wind rush through my hair as I watched over the peaceful city. I could travel from one sight to another, stopping during the day to experience the cities and towns, and see the wonders they had to offer.

Since I would be traveling alone, I would walk the streets of Italy, listening to segments of conversation that drifted into my ears, hoping to join in. I would chat with locals in France over a fresh croissant and steaming cup of coffee, allowing myself to make new friends as I went along. Soon after, I would return to my mission – my self exploration – and I would move on to my next location.

As I hiked through South America, I would venture to impoverished countries, living with the locals and opening my eyes to new ways of life. In Paraguay, I would live in the poor communities – eating, sleeping, and spending every waking minute as the locals do. Although immersed in their culture I would be away from society – away from cultural ideals I perceive as normal. I would embrace the incredible landscapes in the Andes, and the ruins of Machu Picchu.

As I traveled from place to place I would converse with the locals, practicing my Spanish and improving my knowledge of different cultures. I would seek out Carnival in Rio, getting the full experience of cultural festivities. After, I would go to Brazil and lose myself in nature, surrounded by wild animals and sleeping on moss-covered rocks.

t Photo Credit: cdn.playbuzz.com

If I could choose to be anywhere in this world, I wouldn’t settle – I would merely exist. A lone wanderer, I would travel in search of solidarity, hoping to make peace with myself and the world.   Through Europe and North America I would make memories, establishing within myself pieces of these cultures.

Traditions would be emblazoned into my skin, still shining through as the dirt washed off my feet. If I could live anywhere, I would travel throughout the earth, not only connecting with the cultures on the surface, but creating a connection with the earth itself.

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