Have you tried it?

Some people believe that horseback riding is easy, that all you do is sit on the horse and it works for you.

Let me tell you from experience that horseback riding is not an easy thing to do.

Now, before I continue on why horseback riding is so difficult – let me explain my interest.

As a junior, I decided to try something different.

So I enrolled in my schools equestrian program; specifically the Western riding program.

Being that there was just one other male in equestrian before I joined – many students thought that it was a more feminine sport.

Now, let me prove that thought wrong.

First of all, riding is based on the idea that a rider, who weighs no more than 300 pounds, is trusting his 1000 plus pounds of pure mass to carry him.

Granted, most riders do trust their horses – accidents happen and riders fall. It’s basically guaranteed in horseback riding.

Photo Credit: “www.dauphinhorsemanship.com”

It also requires skill and patience. According to The Top Tens, horseback riding is definitely one of the hardest sports.

Like most sports, horseback riding can’t just be learned form a video or from books. Where horseback riding differs from other sports is that the rider needs to feel and understand every movement the horse makes underneath him.

If you’re riding Western like I am then the rider has to control his horse with the shift of body weight, leg positioning, and precise touches to the reigns. One wrong move and you can end up on the ground.

Photo Credit: “static1.squarespace.com”

There are so many details to horseback riding, not including all the other styles, that I just can’t get into it in this blog.

Point being, don’t judge a sport by what is looks like, find out for yourself and you might just enjoy it.



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