Finals week is here, and it’s not a favorite time of the year. All I hear from students seems to be “why are we doing this?” “what’s the point?” “I’m gonna fail” “I’m so stressed out.”

So what are the point of finals? Are they a measure of your intelligence or a measure of your study skills?
Maybe it’s meant to prepare you for college, or maybe the stress is nothing compared to that of the “real world.”

But why are we preparing for something everyone seems to be upset about? Why don’t we work to change the problem, not prepare for it?

I don’t know about you, but I think we could all work a little harder for a better world.

but what do I know.


Finals Week

Finals week aka hell week is here

As I am writing this I have a million things rushing around in my brain.

Tomorrow I have an English final and I just realized that my grade hangs in the balance.

How wonderful.

Finals week stresses me out.

During finals week, I sleep like a baby. If by a baby you mean waking up in the middle of the night crying, if I managed to get to sleep before the single beam of sunlight coming through my window decides to slap me in the face.

I have the unshakable feeling that I will fail no matter how hard I try. I study, drink too much coffee and red bull just to keep my burning, sleep deprived eyes open.

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Then the final comes

You know that feeling of getting butterflies in your stomach? During finals week the butterflies turn into wasps.

The test gets handed out

Everything this semester has been leading up to this moment, and all of a sudden it’s finally here.

There is two hours on the clock. You look around at the poor children all around you, some of them with smiles and others with a single tear dripping on to their final.

Before you know it you have just word vomited everything you have learned in the past 4 months on to paper. Then it’s finally over

Until tomorrow.