Bang Bang

How is it possible that two people on the “Do Not Fly” list can purchase guns and ammunition?

How is it that these two people can then take those weapons to shooting ranges and practice for what would be another mass shooting?

How is it that there are loopholes like this in the system that can be so easily manipulated that 14 people loose their lives because these two dedicated terrorists decide to shoot up a building full of innocent people?

I don’t think anyone has answers, but I think it’s about time we figure out why this catastrophe was even possible.

The number of mass shootings that have occurred in the United States alone in the past year is ridiculous, people have such easy access to weapons that there is truly​ no border on what people can purchase.

We attempted to control the use of guns, but in all actuality, we are violating the second amendment in our Constitution.

So where is the middle? Where is there a safe, yet Constitution-abiding law that gives U.S. Citizens the right TO bear arms, but also puts a cap on who can purchase these deadly weapons?

I think we need to look deeper into the situation- if you are NOT a U.S. citizen, but live here, you should not be able to purchase a gun. If you have a past mental illness history, you should​ not be able to purchase a gun. If you are under the age of 18, you should not be able to purchase a gun.

This is all speculation.

Dealing with the issue of gun control and implementing laws that have the possibility of changing U.S. citizen’s second amendment rights is sensitive, but necessary for our safety.

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