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Late Night and politics

I feel like everything is about politics now. Suddenly, everything and everyone is political and very vocal about their beliefs. You can’t even turn on a Late Night Show without hearing something about Trump in the monologue. Are you still able … Continue reading

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Red, White, and…Orange?

Photo Credit: Philippine Star Donald Trump is now our president. (I know, I wish it wasn’t true as well.) So far, both the climate change and LGBT rights pages have been taken off the official White House website, Trump has … Continue reading

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Women of Our Future

Following Trump’s win in last night’s presidential election, about half of the country is in complete distress. Now, most women, people of color, LGBTQIA, people with disabilities, and other oppressed people are starting to fear for themselves and their futures … Continue reading

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Religion is a Diminishing Variable

Imagine a world with no religion, no set of laws and morals set by a religious sect, set in place to give people a path in life to help themselves or others, and to achieve happiness. Would the world burn … Continue reading

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A Wall and a Hard Place

The debates have finished and what’s left of the pure idiotic chaos is not only uncertainty but also fear, very real fear that all American people should feel. United States! As the most powerful country the U.S. has shot itself … Continue reading

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Bang Bang

How is it possible that two people on the “Do Not Fly” list can purchase guns and ammunition? How is it that these two people can then take those weapons to shooting ranges and practice for what would be another … Continue reading

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Photo Credit: http://www.wnd.com If you haven’t read Isis Crisis (part one) you probably should right now. This week’s attacks on Paris have left me stunned beyond all belief. I cannot believe that ISIS has progressed to the point of being … Continue reading

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