Why I Love Art

I love art. 

Ever since I was a small child I’ve been going to museums.  At first I hated them, I mean what kid wants to stand silently looking at art for hours, but now I really appreciate it. 

I have favorite artists now, and with research you find the things these artists have gone through. I see pieces of myself in a lot of my favorite artists.

Credit to Twitter

Van Gogh has always been my favorite, his use of colors and textures are like no other and never cease to amaze me. My favorite of his paintings is his self-portrait. You can see so much of his inner turmoil in his china blue eyes.

Credit to Wikipedia

Andy Warhol is amazing.  He was so unique in his time.  He was an idol during his prime.  His art makes you think, its bright colors reel you in and you just can’t stop looking at them.

Credit to Pursuit Inc