Covid Positive

I tested positive for Covid exactly one week ago. Surprisingly, the time went by fairly quickly, as I occupied myself with reading, homework, and plenty of Netflix.

Here’s everything I watched while quarantined:

  1. The second half of The Italian Job. We started this during film studies, and I can’t say I know why. It’s a pretty good movie, but not exactly a classic. And as much as I like a good car chase, it’s a little less exciting when they’re driving minis.
  2. Bridget Jones’ Diary. This has not aged well. Perhaps if I were to disregard the fatphobia and blatant sexism, it would be a fairly enjoyable watch. The premise itself is good – who doesn’t love a romantic comedy, with a relatable protagonist, and a love triangle? But the execution, not so much.
  3. Several episodes of Gilmore Girls. Rory and Jess are beginning to flirt and I cannot wait to see how Dean reacts. I can feel a breakup is coming, and I am so ready! Dean might be absolutely gorgeous, but I personally detest him and his short temper. Rory deserves better.
  4. The first couple of episodes of the Great British Baking Show season 10. This show never fails to make me smile and give me an appreciated British nostalgia. They always manage to find the sweetest bunch of contestants. I’m obsessed with the gay Polish guy.
  5. Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I LOVED this one. Is Audrey Hepburn totally iconic? YES. Am I going to be Holly for Halloween? Very possibly. The only part I didn’t like was the scene where she threw her cat out of the taxi, and then proceeded to search for it in the rain. It gave me so much anxiety – I breathed a heavy sigh of relief when she finally found Cat.

How are Ideas Made?

In F block Journalism, we are tasked with writing 1 blog per week, which sounds like it would be no problemo. But it’s not. A lot of work goes into these 1 paragraph idea dumps, but not much of that effort goes into the writing. It’s all in the ideas. I would have to say that 85% of writing a blog is coming up with the idea. That shit is not easy. I mean how can you be expected to come up with an idea out of nothing, that is entertaining or interesting to you, and the reader. It’s a small scope of topics that are interesting and easy to write about without creating a sermon. The blogs are a surprising hurdle to overcome in this class. Boy, is my life hard.

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For the past 12 days, I have been quarantined in my room at my school. About 2 weeks after school started I decided it was better for me to return back to the U.S to take my online classes, as the time-difference from Germany was too much and I always had classes at night.

Of course, with me coming from a different country and getting in contact with a lot of people, I had to take a COVID Test and I still quarantined to be safe. Being stuck in your room for 2 weeks is more exhausting than I thought. I can only leave my room to get water and to go on runs. I am a very social person, so not being able to actually be with people and hang out with them really got to me. I decided that I didn’t just want to sit around in my room not doing anything so I started doing things that I usually didn’t have much time for.

I started playing the guitar again everyday, learning new songs, I went on daily runs, did daily workouts and concentrated a lot on studying. Quarantine is what you make out of it. I though these two weeks would be endlessly long and boring but I have found new ways to keep me busy.

I was able to work a lot on my photography, I usually don’t have much time to squeeze my photography in with having school until the afternoon and then sports, dinner, study time and then bed. But now with the extra time I had, I was able to work on my pictures and continue on my journal about animal behavior and animal tracking.

I also had daily google meet meet-ups with friends every night to study together and work on homework and SAT studies. This has now become a daily thing and we meet up every night in the google meet working together. This makes studying more fun and it helps you to stay connected during these uncertain times.

I am very happy to finally be able to get out and see people again after my quarantine but these two weeks have also taught me a lot about keeping myself busy and helped me make time for the things I love.

Quarantine and lockdown - Coronavirus: Key terms explained | The Economic  Times


Let me be your beacon,

let me be your guiding light.

I know you’re scared, tired, and broken,

but I’m here to hold you tight.

I know you hide your fears from me,

you get ashamed when you let them show,

but babe,

I’ve cried in your arms many times,

so please just let me know

what’s going on in that beautiful mind of yours,

your wicked, twisted, brain

filled with lies and awful times,

but babe let me be your change.

I just want to love you,

you’ve been through so god damn much,

your beautiful soul deserves the world you know,

I wish you thought the same.

I’m sorry for everyone who hurt you,

you’re scared to let me in because you fear I’ll do the same.

Everyone you’ve loved has done you wrong,

but darling I’m not the same.

So let me be your beacon,

let me be your guiding light.

I know you’re scared, tired, and broken,

but I’m here to hold you tight.

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Game of Thrones
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Game of Thrones Season 1-5 spoilers ahead

It is that time of the year again: Less than 50 days until Season 6 of Game of Thrones. It is time to start from the beginning of the show, watching one episode every night till the new season is released. I don’t binge watch alone; I get together with friends at least once a week and we watch the episodes together. With so many episodes it is hard to remember what happened in an episode 3 years ago, so I came up with a solution to eliminate gaps between the old and new episodes. A part of this tradition is to make predictions of what will happen and whoever is closest wins and gets the prize of hearing the others say “good job”.
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Season Six is looking like it will be the best season yet; after the death of Stannis Baratheon and Jon Snow, it’s hard to tell what path the show will take. The entire series I have been a big believer in the Melisandre, Stannis’ advisor. For those who aren’t familiar with the show, she is a priestess who serves R’hllor, the Lord of Light. Westeros is full of many religions, but only the prayers to R’hllor are answered. Although the religion is borderline satanic and possibly witchcraft, it is extremely powerful. A fire priestess like Melisandre can see the future which is really important when commanding armies. She has never been wrong with the exception of Stannis dying in battle. But I believe she knew that he would die. Melisandre has been trying to get Jon Snow to join them, but Jon refused because he has sworn an oath forcing him to serve the night’s watch.
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Men who swear the oath serve in defending the border wall till death. They are responsible for defending against Wildlings which resemble barbarians, and White Walkers, which are undead creatures that can only be killed with dragon glass, an extremely rare material. Because the white walkers are a new threat and no one believes the night’s watch reports of them, they are forced to ally the Wildlings under Jon’s orders. His men were so mad that Jon was killed in a mutiny in a dramatic Julius Caesar killing. His death is the best thing to happen to Melisandre. A fire priests in one episode showed that he could bring back the dead, but only those who R’hllor thinks is worthy. Melisandre knows that Jon is worthy and may bring him back to life. This is huge because Jon will no longer be sworn to the night’s watch; he is the rightful King of the north and the entire north will have his back in a war. On top of that he would have control of the remains of the Baratheon army, and because of his sister Sansa he will most likely get support in secret from Little Finger who basically controls everyone through blackmail. If that isn’t enough, he could probably get support from Dorne, a nation that isn’t a part of Westeros and Dorne really hates the current leaders of Westeros the Lannisters. If Jon Snow comes back to life, it would be game over for the Lannisters, and as much as I love to hate them, I can’t wait till they are gone.



Star Wars Spectacular

A few weeks ago my friend Hanna and I decided to go see the latest installment in the beloved Star Wars series. I had only seen one of the movies previous to this, so I really had no idea what was going on. I walked into the theatre thinking it was going to be a super nerdy movie about bizarre looking alien-like creatures

I walked into the theatre thinking it was going to be a super-nerdy movie about bizarre looking alien-like creatures who fight each other with laser beams.

Although I was somewhat right, I loved every minute of it.

I have been turned into a total Star Wars fan, I have been watching the older movies in the series, obsessively.

I enjoy the action and adventure of the series, similarly, I also adore Indiana Jones and James Bond, but who would have thought I would become a Star Wars geek.

5 Best Dressed Celebrities for Halloween 2015

Trick or treat  – These costumes are definitely better than the ghosts made from bed sheets.

Every year celebrities take the spooky streets and dress up just like us normal folk.

When November 1st comes around we get to look at the tabloids and take a look to see how the stars dressed up as for this annual ghostly night.

Here are the 5 best dressed celebrities of the night

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5) Gigi Hadid

Gigi dressed up like good ol’ Sandy from the 1970’s classic Grease. What can I say it’s a classic but I craved more creativity from Gigi, but still she looked great because, duh she’s a super model.

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4) Ellen Degeneres

Ellen’s costume gets all the points for creativity. The queen of daytime television and of life in general dressed up as Karla Kardashian, the new Kardashian sister. This costume screams tacky and I love it.



3) Neil Patrick Harris’ Adorable Family Costume

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What’s the point of having kids if you aren’t going to coordinate an adorable costume with them? Ok there are a lot of pros to having kids, but a Star Wars themed family costume has to be up there. Look at them and feel the force of cuteness overtake you.

2)Kim Kardashian

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Do you remember the 2013 Met Gala where Kim Kardashian wore a completely floral ensemble and everyone said she looked like their grandmas couch. Do you? Well good, because so does she. That’s right Kim Kardashian dressed up as Kim Kardashian for Halloween and blessed everyone’s Instagram feed and eyes.

And now the moment we have all been waiting for

The best dressed celebrity on Halloween was..

  1. Heidi Klum

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Heidi Klum gets all the points, a 10 out of 10. Every year she takes it upon herself to become completely unrecognizable and she has done it yet again. She spent hours, literally hours, in hair and makeup completely altering her face and body shape to becoming the ever so famous Jessica Rabbit. She sets the bar higher and higher every year and she has yet to disappoint.

So that’s it, the top five for Halloween 2015. I can’t wait to see what the stars have up their sleeves for next year.


Hello Adele

This week Adele was a Phoenix.

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She came up from the ashes and built herself up again.

In 2012, Adele left the world of music and took an almost 4 year hiatus to focus on herself.

She took time to have her stranded voice rebuild and for her to build a family.

This week she has brought her name back into the tabloids, by revealing that she is going to release a new album, named “25” and she released a single from that same album called “Hello.”

The music video for “Hello” already has 11 million views and counting in the first day.

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I was walking by a group of people talking about Adele’s all-mighty comeback and they said something that struck me, “I thought that she was going to be skinny when she finally came back.”

Adele is amazingly talented and even though she isn’t the media’s picture of beauty doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t be celebrated

So take a listen to “Hello,” and you will hear how she has perfectly encompassed the emotions that so many of us have experience.

My Top 5 Favorite Movies of 2015

2015 has been a great year for movies. Many were surprisingly good and in honor of the great movies this year I have created a list of my 2015 favorites. How I decided what I put on the list is by asking could I watch it more than three times and still enjoy it.

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#5 Mad Max: Fury road
Many people didn’t see this and I highly recommend it. I went into the movie expecting the worst movie of the year but was pleasantly surprised. The movie is based on Mad Max a low-budget film from 1979. The major reason why I enjoyed the movie was because the first time ever I went to the movies and saw something with a really basic plot that was entertaining. There wasn’t a moment in the entire movie that I disliked. They cut out all the slow scenes that are just there to add time like in every other action movie post-2000. Along with the great plot, the costumes, scenery and vehicles are astounding. It was also refreshing seeing a dystopian movie without teenagers.

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#4 Ant-Man
Ant-Man was great it was a perfect combination of action and comedy – plus the film makers did a fantastic job with character development. I liked this movie more than Avengers age of Ultron and that is because marvel has finally introduced the Wasp. After age of Ultron, I was outraged that they expanded the team and didn’t have the Wasp. Then when I saw the trailer for Ant-Man I was even madder because I thought “OMG there replacing the wasp with an Ant!” But at the end of Ant-Man I realized, “wait the girl is the Wasp” and sure enough at the end they reveal she is going to be the Wasp. I really did love Ant Man and even if they didn’t introduce the Wasp. An expert thief turns to a badass superhero who doesn’t love that?

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#3 Jurassic World
I was on the Jurassic World hype train since the day the preview came out. Jurassic Park was a huge part of my childhood and I am glad they made a new one. It was great from the special effects to the acting. It’s just an all around entertaining movie.

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#2 The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
The Man From U.N.C.L.E. was made spy movie of the year in my books. The perfectly executed 1960’s theme, pretty girls, and unique plot are a rare sight in most spy movies recently. Based off of the hit TV show The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (which I binge watched prior to the movie), has Russia and the United States working together to save the world during the cold war. Between the tough Russian and the arrogant American, all the bases are covered. I love the 60’s – just the time period alone made me put this above Mission Impossible.

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#1 The Martian
Mark Watney portrayed by Matt Damon was left behind on mars he has to find a way to survive against all odds. After contacting NASA the whole world is shocked by his survival and space programs join together to bring him home. This movie was so good it even made interstellar look bad, and for that reason it easily made the top spot on my list.

Cult Movies

Most of us know at least one person who can’t get through the week without quoting their favorite cult film,whether it be Heathers, Carrie, Rocky Horror Picture Show or some other enthusiastically admired film. 

But what makes a movie a cult classic?  The term was originally coined in the late 1970’s but has now grown into many captivated fan bases. 

Films that are able to be called a ‘cult classic’ were usually box office flops, or movies nobody really cared about at the time of their release but gained popularity in the years later. 

Cult films are usually timeless, adored by people who watched them at the time of their release along with teenagers and young adults.  Even today you can catch a midnight screening of Rocky Horror Picture show at the Art Theatre in Long Beach.

Even though I have never attended one of these legendary screenings, I’ve heard it’s quite an experience.

Along with a love of Whole Foods, Arcade Fire and ugly shoes, admiration of cult movies have become a defining characteristic of the young hipster. 

This probably has something to do with the fact that these ‘cult films’ were ripped to pieces by the critics and virtually ignored by the public at the time of their release, and like any good hipster, they loved it just because it was hated. 

While most cult movies were not positively received at the time of their launch, doesn’t mean they are all bad. For example: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas – it’s a great movie but Roger Ebert gave it a 1/4. 

Likewise not all Cult Movies deserved to be on the high pedestal their zealous fans have put them on, such as “The Room”, which one IMDB comment stated “watching this movie felt like being stabbed in the head”.

Why this movie still has a following, I’m not sure.
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