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cracked rose-colored glasses

what happens to a garden that remains unkept? the flowers start wilting, their petals falling into the dry, crackling dirt. the resilient weeds start sprouting, entangling their way around the stems of the dying blooms. that old rose bush that … Continue reading

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The Flower I Like.

Someone admire the ones made of clay Which they were given the gift of a long life Someone love the ones that are fresh Which their smell is like the love songs from the sweetest wife If I have to … Continue reading

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“Left alone wondering”

Left alone wondering Will it ever bloom Will the time come with the June gloom. Brighten up the day In this spring time Hopefully you’re mine, For the summer time. The sun shines down, to expose all your beauty. Will … Continue reading

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The Simple Dream.

I woke up with the bright sunshine and the hospital smell as usual. I got out of my bed and washed my face quietly, as usual. I knew it was a new day though I still regarded it as yesterday … Continue reading

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Language of Flowers

Long ago, in a land far far away…Nah.  Jk. It wasn’t that long ago, or that far away. During the Victorian-era in Britain (1837-1901) lovers spoke the Language of Flowers. Ironically enough… I learned about the Language of Flowers from … Continue reading

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The Outrigger Keauhou Beach Resort: Kailua-Kona

Some people go to Hawaii to tan, relax, and drink piña coladas on the beach. Not my family.  We probably spend equal amounts of time in and out of the water.  Hawaii itself is very important to us.  My parents lived in Haena on Kauai before they adopted … Continue reading

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