cracked rose-colored glasses

what happens to a garden that remains unkept?

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the flowers start wilting,
their petals falling into the dry, crackling dirt.
the resilient weeds start sprouting,
entangling their way around the stems of the dying blooms.
that old rose bush that you prized is now riddled with thorns.
i tried to pluck one,
send you a picture of it,
but my fingers got cut up and started bleeding
and i knew it wasn’t worth the trouble.
the single flower wouldn’t bring you back,
why try so hard to make it bloom again?
why keep it in a vase that glistens during the 3 pm glow of the sun?
why stare at it, remembering the day we planted the damn rose bush?
no, i’ll stick to bandaging up my hand,
ridding it of the metallic red,
dripping down my palm,
almost staining my pants.
i’ll stick to staring out my kitchen window at the garden, once blooming,
now only a couple of rotten, lonesome plants.


The Flower I Like.

Someone admire the ones made of clay
Which they were given the gift of a long life
Someone love the ones that are fresh
Which their smell is like the love songs from the sweetest wife
If I have to choose what I like
The ones have flesh and blood blow up my mind

Even their color would faint
Their face would age
But there was once their spirit
Lighted up by the fire of life
If death is coming
Please take me after my blooming night

The Simple Dream.

I woke up with the bright sunshine and the hospital smell as usual. I got out of my bed and washed my face quietly, as usual.

I knew it was a new day though I still regarded it as yesterday because everything was the same. The same room – cabined and silent; the same color – chaste white; the same roommate – the man with obnubilation. He always told me that the reason we were sent to this depressive place was that we have so many dreams which could never come true. I knew nothing about his dream.

Every time he just smiled.

As time went by, he was getting older and older. I noticed that the man always sat in the sun, delightedly watching a flower facing to him. Whenever the time was, or how the weather changed, he always acted like the most faithful friend of the flower. Four seasons altered as the flower grew up from a bud to a delicate and charming blossom. The whole life of the old man was stepping to become withered as the falling flower. At last, he passed away peacefully. But after his death, I realized his real dream.

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Language of Flowers

Long ago, in a land far far away…Nah.  Jk.

It wasn’t that long ago, or that far away.

During the Victorian-era in Britain (1837-1901) lovers spoke the Language of Flowers.

Ironically enough… I learned about the Language of Flowers from a Japanese amime show called Sailor Moon.


Anyway, the Language of Flowers was used to send coded messages using, wait for it… flowers.

Different blossoms in various arrangements carried special meanings.

For example:

Plumeria: Perfection, Springtime, New Beginnings
Orchid: Refined Beauty

Dahlia: Elegance, Dignity
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The Outrigger Keauhou Beach Resort: Kailua-Kona

Some people go to Hawaii to tan, relax, and drink piña coladas on the beach. Not my family.  We probably spend equal amounts of time in and out of the water.  Hawaii itself is very important to us.  My parents lived in Haena on Kauai before they adopted me.  The first vacation I remember in Kauai.  My twins sisters learned to swim in Kona and I got my dive certification there, July 2007.

Front of the Outrigger Keauhou Beach Resort, Kailua-Kona

Years ago my mom found this beautiful little hotel  and she and my dad went snorkeling there.  She remembered it and booked us a room at  Outrigger Keauhou Beach Resort in Kailua-Kona, October of 2003. It’s this GORGEOUS, amazing hotel right on Keauhou Bay.  There is a small snorkeling beach, as well as a little set of stairs that lead directly into the water.  The hotel includes deluxe ocean-view rooms, excellent free daily breakfast for guests, and an incredible seaside restaurant with the most spectacular view of the sunset in all of Hawaii.