3 Modern Rules Of Veganism:

Some think going vegan is a daunting task, but following these “rules” I’m about to give you and will make the decision to embark on this journey of veganism so much easier. 

Rule 1- Find your reason

In this modern day society, before you go vegan, the most important thing you can do is pick and understand your reasons why. If you just go vegan to go vegan, chances are it won’t last. An example is going vegan for your health and then understanding why and how you are going to set this goal. Watch documentaries, youtube videos, and read studies that motivate you to continue with this health journey.

Rule 2- substitution

Something many newbie vegans do first when they go vegan is eliminate foods (obviously), but then feel like there is nothing they can eat and soon quit. When I went vegan back in the day, there were not many options.  I had to get really creative with the dishes that I prepared to ensure I got the proper nutritional intake. Nowadays in this non-stop, growing vegan society, you can find almost anything vegan. So the number one tip I can give is following this rule- Find or make your favorite foods vegan and food cravings won’t be an issue. An example would be if you have eggs everyday for breakfast and go vegan… try a substitute of vegan tofu egg scramble, or instead of cow’s milk in your cereal, add oak milk. If you drastically switch to eating salad for every meal your body scientifically will soon want to binge and you will most likely go straight back to your previous diet. But with substitution, your mind will barely notice a difference and you will consume the food that will start to make you feel better physically and emotionally.

3rd Rule- Joining the Community

Something important that I cannot stress enough is finding like minded people. Most don’t realize when going vegan the loneliness you can actually feel. You feel like all you want to do is share your success with veganism or the suffering you are avoiding being vegan… but you in return receive hate. A lot of the time if you have no support it’s a hard task to maintain a healthy vegan lifestyle. An easy way to find support is through social media, following vegan influencers, activists, meme accounts, recipes, and all other things vegan… another way to reach out to more people is by going to local vegan events, such as: street fairs, marches, restaurants and anything else your community offers. 

Overall veganism isn’t just about our own health, but mainly about reducing our carbon footprint. Again, recognizing our own health, but most importantly the health of our planet, it’s about making different choices and moving in a different direction and ultimately coming together as a community. Veganism is a crucial lifestyle for our planet’s wellbeing with the state it is in right now. Veganism is different for everyone and these “rules” may help you in the right direction of a new beginning! Take the first step, follow the rules, and you will be the perfect vegan in no time! Good luck!

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Eat your greens

People are getting more aware of obesity, and a lot of people are starting their own way of healthy life style that would allow them to rationalize eating junk foods. Of course, there are plenty of people who are eating healthy and working out constantly to be healthy, but some people are exceptional. There is always that people in your life who is complaining about their weight gain, despite their “healthy ” life style.

It is indeed ironic to watch people who are complaining about their weight, when they are eating junk foods all the time after working out. Healthy diet is the way for you to be healthy. So eat your greens.

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Growing Up and Avocados

I’ve always walked a fine line of being perfectly healthy and utterly unhealthy.

I never drink soda, energy drinks, or coffee. I don’t like donuts because they’re too sweet for me.

However, I do have impulses to eat any and all food in front of me without any self control to stop, especially when it comes to binge-worthy snacks like chips or cookies, though I rarely buy them on my own. I always got excited for random road trips where we stop at McDonalds for McFlurries or fries. I never liked vegetables as a kid. I liked the basic ones like corn and carrots, sometimes peas or green beans, but I would be repulsed at the sight of an avocado back in the day.

But, lately, something has changed.

My family always said it’d happen eventually, that I’d eventually start liking the vegetables. I’d always say no to them when we’re out at restaurants and laughed at them for thinking I’d change. Vegetables were disgusting, weren’t they?

But the last several times I’ve had fast food, I’ve felt sick to my stomach and just thinking about having it makes me sick. I bought snacks today, but just a couple bites made me put them back in the drawer and I’ve had no desire to bring them out like I usually do. I’ve said no thank you to ordering desserts at restaurants and haven’t had anything else to drink this week except water and half a strawberry lemonade.

Photo Credit: delish.com

Then, there’s the vegetables. Brussel sprouts have become one of my top favorite vegetables and I get excited for them when they’re at restaurants. Whenever I go home and my uncle asks me what I want for dinner, I get more excited about asparagus than anything else and lately I’ve had a strong craving for guacamole, something I used to cringe at the thought of.

I guess it’s weird. I didn’t imagine the day I’d like avocados – or any other vegetable for that matter – would ever come, but it did. It might just be my taste buds changing, but I guess it’s just a part of growing up.

Farmers Markets

One of the underrated aspects of American culture is the farmers market. Most towns or cities have one, and most often they sell things like organic fruit, handmade soaps or clothing, and delicious  desserts. In my opinion at least, they’re all pretty good, and definitely affordable.

Most everybody these days has realized that the healthier the food is that you buy, the more expensive it is. Example #1: Whole Foods. While it’s delicious, and unquestionable healthy, it can cost up to 200 dollars for a single bag of food.

That’s ridiculous.

As a result, many people forsake healthy food and decide instead to go with the cheaper, more filled-with-preservatives option. What they don’t realize, is that they could get the organic veggies and homemade natural goods at a much cheaper price – and much fresher. Enter farmers markets.

Farmers markets generally take up a block or two, and are crammed full of different sorts of stands. Many of them sell fresh produce. Others include homemade gelato, honey, soap, clothing, and the ever-important desserts. What’s especially nice about it, besides the fact that it’s all delicious, is that it’s affordable. Prices aren’t marked up to the jaw-dropping expense you would find the same items for at Whole Foods.

For those looking for a healthy alternative, of the less expensive variety, I highly recommend you visit your weekly farmers market. You might be surprised at what your hometown locals can offer you.

A Time for Change.

Change is healthy.

Today, before I left the dorms for the Ojai Farmer’s Market, I made a spur of the moment decision to change my room around. My bed has been rearranged. My dresser once cluttered with various cosmetics and toiletries is now bare, my small pink and white refrigerator brandishing those same perfumes and toothbrushes.

It feels good.

I spent a large part of my day cleaning and reorganizing and reopening and removing. I usually feel a need for this sort of change at the end of the school year in the dormitories.

Today was different though.

As I am beginning to sum up my five years at Ojai Valley School, writing the last pages of my high school days, priming for the next chapter of my life, I am slowly growing more anxious, scared, and unsure.

What is undeniable is my insatiable desire to graduate. 

I don’t know what it is. A part of me does not want to leave, knowing how much I will miss this place, a part has been growing since September. I guess I am scared to leave this small hill that blessed me with so many happy, great memories but, I think I am too scared to leave the people I love so much behind.

But time is surely passing by faster this year…

I only wish that I make sure this year is great. I am happier than I ever was with my friends and the people I surround myself with. And I want to leave feeling elated and proud.


Now that is what I cannot get off my mind. Where will I GO!? I find out the results of my Early Evaluation application to Wellesley College. But after that, I have another dreaded MONTH of waiting for results. Goodness gracious. The college process is absolutely dreadful. Hopefully, great news will unfold in the upcoming weeks!!

Wish Me Luck.



Being away from home, I am constantly craving what I can’t have.

Korean Food.

I think of it day and night. I realized that every year, this appetite for some good home cooking gets worse.

This weekend, I went home and got to enjoy Korean food for the first time in five weeks. Let me tell you, it was amazing and I ate a week’s worth of food.

Korean food isn’t what people think. It’s not just simply rice and kimchi. There is so much more than just Korean BBQ and top ramen. Here are a few of the dishes I savored this weekend.

For lunch on Saturday, I ate Bo Sam (보쌈), Cha Dol Dwenjang Chigae (차돌됀장찌개), and Jap Chae (잡채).

This is Bo Sam.

It is delicious. Roasted slices of pork that you wrap in lettuce. It is simple but fantastic. Gosh, my stomach is growling just looking at the picture of it.

This is Cha Dol Dwenjang Chigae.

It’s main ingredient is made up of the same components that is in miso soup: fermented soy beans. The taste is a lot richer and the broth is a lot thicker. Inside, there are many healthy vegetables such as zucchini, onions, garlic, and more. And of course, pork.

The great thing about the restaurant I went to is that they give you a bowl with vegetables and other dressings so that when you are done with your soup, you can put in the rest of it in the bowl and mix it with rice. So GOOD and healthy too!

This is Jap Chae.

A savory medley of clear, glass noodles, vegetables, beef, and soy sauce. It is a delicate dish. I don’t know if it’s because I was craving Korean food for those five weeks or if it is because the restaurant was fantastic, but I have never had Jap Chae better than the one I ate last Saturday.

I want all of you to try some Korean food sometime soon.