Respect the road.

There is a road that I run all the time.

Since I’m currently training by myself, I get to decide where I run. I avoid this road as much as possible. But during cross country season, when I’m at the mercy of my coaches, most of our workouts involve the road in some way.

Going down is smooth sailing. Going up is hell.

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The road is more like a hill, a giant, mile-plus long hill. It’s on a constant incline and, as you get closer to the top, it gets steeper.

At first, I absolutely loathed this road.

I always hated it in the beginning, because it turned even my best runs turn into something that made me feel like I was putting myself through torture.

The road is sometimes unforgiving. The more you climb, the weaker your legs feel, the more your lungs burn, the more you feel like your brain is about to explode.

I used to fight it. Each day, I felt like I was preparing for this great battle, in which only one victor would prevail: me or the hill.

But, eventually, I started to realize that it wasn’t really a battle of physicality; it was more so a battle of wit. I learned to work with the road instead of against it and things started to make more sense.

I learned to take advantage of even the tiniest bit of downhill, to take the straightest line possible. I started to read the road, to take note of how it felt when I ran a certain way.

To this day, I still don’t like running it. But, I’ve learned how to do it properly.

The road used to be some foreign, intimidating beast that I thought I would never be able to understand. Now, I realize that it was really just an old, wise mentor for me, my very own Mr. Miyagi. 

Last night, I was headed up the road on the bus and, as I looked out the window, I knew exactly what point we were at solely based on the glimpse I caught of the tops of the oak trees. It made me smile, seeing how far I’ve come.

The same miles of curving pavement that used to seem endless to me are now ingrained into my memory, including details down to which tree is positioned where on each corner.

The countless days of practice, all of the sweat-soaked t-shirts and aching muscles really did pay off, in so many more ways than for just my running.

If only I knew back then just how much I would come to understand the road and how much it would come to understand about me.

I wouldn’t have believed it three years ago.


The End of the Cross Country Season

Yesterday, the Ojai Valley School cross country team had the last meet, the league final, at Midland. We drove down for about 2 and a half hours.
Also participating were Thacher, Cate, Midland, Dunn, Besant Hill, Laguna Blanca and Providence Hall.

The birls’ race started at 3 and the boys’ at 3:30. We all ran our best and gave everything. The course is very flat and there were tiny hills but I wouldn’t call them hills. I didn’t really like the course because flat courses just give me constant pain and is not fun compared to hilly course.

Me and my roommate are about to run, listening to the instruction and course overview.


My coach and I were talking about how I should run that course in the bus on the way to Midland. My strategy is always to stay maybe behind 4 or 5 girls and let them lead the race until the very end. It is then that my body tells me, “Now, sprint! It’s time to out run these girls.” The worst thing to do is to rush so I tell myself not to go in front of anyone!

The entire Ojai Valley School cross country team improved a lot and it’s sad that we can’t practice together anymore…

Good times…

I would just like to thank my coach (thebrownguy) for coaching me I couldn’t have won without him!




Mt.Sac is the coolest meet I have ever run.

Since Puma hosts this meet, there were shops, game booth, ping-pong table, and DJs were playing music! Also, a big screen showed the runners running in real-time! It was such a fun meet!

The course was pretty hard. I can’t remember, but I think I ran up maybe 4 or 5 steep hills. My back and abs were hurting at the hills… But I loved that course in spite of its difficulty! Hearing my coach yell “What hill?” motivated me to speed up. Cheering always helps.

Overall, we all did great! Even though our girls team couldn’t compete as a team, all 4 of us ran hard finishing strong!

I’d like to thank my coach (thebrownguy) and those of you who supported us! Great job everyone!