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Don’t get too close to the sun, for you will fall Don’t get to close to the water, for you will drown Instead stay on the ground, just safe and sound. So he did. Day by day, he’d waste his … Continue reading

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Dark Lights

There once used to be so much brightness in my life So much light The kind of light that shows itself through the floaty leaves flowing in the autumn breeze The sunlight that glistens against the piercing blue, salty ocean … Continue reading

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Whale Watching

I love the ocean.  But I’m reaaaallllyyy lazy when it comes to actually getting into the water. Today it was hot and sunny and absolutely beautiful outside.  But I had no motivation to get in the ocean. My mom probably … Continue reading

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“Far away This ship is taking me far away Far away from my memories Of the people who care if I live or die The starlight I will be chasing your starlight Until the end of my life I don’t … Continue reading

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Raven Gold, Sapphire Green

Golden and sapphire The other, Raven and green It was never a choice A simple mistake So short and so sweet The memory is mine Everlasting But as fate would have us The cards frowned upon it A second chance … Continue reading

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