A Starry Night sky

in my best dreams I can fly around the world

but my favorite place to fly, is the starry night sky

full of the wonders and curiosity of the universe

it has been the place of whom i love most

when i look up i can see them and remember

the times when i was succumbed by their beauty and grace

their gentle smiling face

it is not very often that i get the chance to reminisce our past

for when i do get the chance, time fly’s by quicker than a shooting star

the stars are a most amazing place

to those who are up there in peace, i envy to a degree

to those who look up at the starry night sky

what do you see?

Night Sky Wallpapers

photo credit: wallpapercave.com

From Day to Night

Days are constantly in motion, moving from morning to night, and back to morning again. Each part of the day is meaningful, and each is inspiring in their own way.

Photo Credit: stoughtonutilities.com

The early morning is inspiring, for it is peaceful and lively at the same time. Not many people are awake, but it is buzzing with life. One can be motivated to fill their day and get lots of work done.

If one sleeps in and wakes up to late morning sunshine, the day is going to be lazy – very relaxing and filled with casual events. Although less motivational, the day is still fulfilling and much-needed.

Evenings are relaxing as well – they end the day and put everything to rest. It is during this time that events from the day are finished, and one can shake off the stress from the day.

Late night is such a serene time of day. Completely dark, it is so calming, yet it is also invigorating. It allows one to feel truly alive, and although it is lonely, it causes one to be in touch with all of their surroundings.