Shia Labeouf Film Fest

Without any doubt, Shia Labeouf is his own #1 fan.

The actor has been known  for going to great length to gain attention in the media. Most recently, he decided to watch all of his entire filmography in reverse chronological order, while a live stream recorded every minute of the 72 hour Shia-Fest.

This endeavor, which he has titled #ALLMYMOVIES gained quite the following in the past week.  Remarkably enough, the live stream didn’t feature the actual films being watched, but the reactions to the films by Shia himself.

In another peculiar twist, the live stream did not have sound, so the audience watching online had no clue which movie he was actually watching.   From the moment Labeouf took his seat, dressed in a large winter coat with the hood on, looking remarkably like a homeless man, the event had already set the stage for being strange.  The emotions of Shia varied from happy to sad to embarrassed to bored to excited to just being asleep.  At times Shia’s reactions were satirical at best, such as the time he burst out laughing in a particularly racy scene in Nymphomaniac.  Throughout the entire 3 day spectacle Shia also donned some of these exceptional faces

Shia went through a plethora of emotions… and also took a siesta

An intriguing way to spend half a week

Riding the Struggle Bus

Nearly a hundred people queued up to view the screening live, most of these people being students of one of the Universities in New York City, where the screening took place.   For a man who doesn’t want to be famous, Shia Leboeuf goes to some very great lengths to gain attention.   


People. It is the beginning of November.

This past Saturday, November 7th, I was walking past a coffee shop when I heard a man say, “Merry Christmas”. I was in disbelief – Thanksgiving hasn’t even happened yet, are we already in the period of Santa hats and Christmas music?

What was even weirder was how the other member of the conversation responded. There was no mention of the fact that it is almost two months until the ever-popular Christmas itself, or that we still haven’t celebrated Thanksgiving.

With a month left until Turkey Day, and Halloween right behind us, we are already diving straight into the Christmas celebration. Already, it is near impossible to walk into a store without hearing Mariah Carey blasting for the hundredth time.

Now I’m all for celebrating the holidays – it’s a joyful time, so why not cherish it? But I don’t understand the urgency, the need to skip over holidays just to begin celebrating Christmas as soon as possible.

In the seasonal isle of any given store, there are going to be a few Thanksgiving decorations, sure. But the majority of that isle is going to be chock full of blow up reindeer and twinkle lights. And that’s fine, except for the fact that it’s not Christmas season yet!

It’s November. It’s not even Thanksgiving. You guys are ridiculous.

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