Poetry Based Off of Songs

The Beautiful & Damned 

The Beautiful,

a delicate rose.

Small and light in a sea of others,

Bright and beautiful,

Photo Credit: defiantart.com

silky-smooth petals,

like a gentle caress.

The Damned.

Crimson red like its fallen petals.

Damned in the colors of rust and blood.

Tainted with thorns,

hidden in the layers of the silk petals.

Sharp and deadly,

Hidden in beauty.

Colorless (Colors – Halsey)

Side note: i wrote this poem for an english assignment where I had to write a poem using words from a song.

You’re colorful like a saturated sunrise.

Glowing with red, orange, and pink,

but like an overflowing sink.

Your colors seep

and it covers me in blue.

The same blue as you.

The blue of your pills, hands, and jeans.

Photo Credit: paintings.pinotspalette.com

The same blue as you,

but unlike the day’s blue sky

and the night’s starry light.

Your blue’s dark,

a starless night,

an empty sight.

And like a black and white book;

Your mind’s the pages,

your thoughts the ink.

And they’re grey just like your dreams.

Your body’s the pages,

tattoos the ink.

But they’re grey, just as you think.

And I rip at every edge of your masterpiece,

but you’re so devoid of color,

you’re colorless.

glass cage

Off the stem the brittle petals fall,

Life is a dying flower,

Trapped inside a glass case.

Passersby see the light, but

Don’t stay for the brown,

Vile stench that comes with darkness.

When the moon rises,

The petals wilt,

But they don’t


Just yet.

When the sun rises,

It brightens the ground,

The earth,

That was once home

To the glass-encased


Photo Credit: giphy.com

Sparkling eyes see

The red passion

Laced within the leaves,

The sweet water rolling

In delicious beads.

They see the rich beauty

That stems behind the glass.

They see the butterfly,

Flapping its symmetrical wings,

Landing gracefully to feed.

They don’t,


See the cocoon,

Broken and

Left to die because

Something beautiful could no longer

Stay ugly.

The owner forgets

To lift the glass,

And finds a wilting

Shell of a beautiful creature.

Entombed by the warm,

Glowing morning light,

The dead petals lay.

The beautiful day


The cold death of night.

But not to worry,

The petals will

Lift off the ground.

They will grow into

a new flower.

Passersby don’t remember

The red being that bright

The last time.

They don’t see the death.

The owner discards of

The brown petals;

The trash its new home.

Winter still comes,


The new flower still wilts,


The case still kills,


The sweet water


To roll,


The second flower

Is but

A beautiful picture

Taken before destruction.

We all know that

The red, hot passion

Still dies with the last petal,


Tale as New as Time

On Friday, audiences will once again revisit the “tale as old as time” when the Beauty and the Beast makes its live action debut. The movie, featuring the amazing acting abilities of Emma Watson and other Hollywood veterans, has already been featured in many famous news platforms. Why? In an interview done by Attitude, a British magazine, the director, Bill Condon, revealed that LeFou, Gaston’s trusty sidekick, will be gay.

While he didn’t specifically say what will happen, this statement was met with many different reactions. To some members of the gay community, this was a breath of fresh air. Finally, Disney, a huge media influencer, has validated the gay community with its first “exclusively gay” moment. The fact that a character in such a beloved classic is out, or at least exploring his sexuality, is the representation that many wished they had when they were younger.

However, some members of the gay community were upset by this update. Ryan Houlihan, a Teen Vogue writer, states his ailments in the following, “They made the gay character a villain, relegated him to being a sidekick, gave this explicitly queer role to a straight actor, and then muddled the issue by making him sexually ‘confused’ – just to hedge their bets.” It’s also terrible that Lefou’s entire “gayness” is him pining over his unattainable straight friend. What the LGBT+ community needs is a gay character who gets his feelings reciprocated and a meaningful plot progression.

No matter the opinions, the media has gone into a frenzy about this new additive to the plot, making it a hot topic for new interviews of the stars. Emma Watson, the actress of the remade feminist Belle, made it quite clear that LeFou’s gay moment isn’t extremely pronounced, on the other hand, she called it “subtle.” Apparently, it’s a mystery whether he is in love with Gaston, as it isn’t written in the script.

Bill Condon thinks the attention is “overblown,” as Josh Gad’s character is featured in a background dance scene with another man. Condon’s response to this attitude surprises me. Saying that this movie will feature the first “exclusively gay moment” in Disney’s history is a pretty big deal, so being shocked by the media outburst seems a little odd.

Nevertheless, I’m excited to see this moment for myself, as I want to experience this revolutionary moment on the big screen this Friday. Watch a preview of LeFou’s famous “Gaston” here:


A Sun Diego Day

I don’t think I’ve worn shorts and a tank top since October.

But it was sunny today on my vacation in San Diego so I broke out the summer wear and it was amazing.

I bought some rosemary and olive oil bread from a little place called Rustic Breads and it was absolutely marvelous.

There was a lot of glare so I couldn’t take a picture of it but this was the next thing in the display case and it looked just as delicious:

Then by the power of Ross Turner himself, I got to see my friend, Rose Hart, from CIMI!!!

She happened to be singing with her choir group on the U.S.S. Midway, fifteen minutes from my hotel.

I pulled into the parking lot and walked straight into her choir group (purely by chance) about a minute and a half before her tour started and she got onboard.

Rose Hart

After our extremely loud reunion, I walked around Downtown San Diego with my sisters and dress shopped for their graduation.

We headed down to La Jolla Shores to eat lunch at my favorite store in the world, the Cheese Shop.

I think we bought up half the stuff in there…seriously.

Then we walked down onto the beach and we saw a bunch of sea roses tangled up in the sand.

They still smelled sweet, mixed with salt and fresh sea breeze.

As we walked down further I saw three guys flying 200-foot-long kites.

Good thing it was windy…

I was very confused as to how these massive kites got into the air and I was lucky enough to see a guy launching his:

It was a very good day.

Add that to the fact that I got to see Ursula and Greg, two of my best friends ever, it was fantastic.

I love San Diego!!!

Language of Flowers

Long ago, in a land far far away…Nah.  Jk.

It wasn’t that long ago, or that far away.

During the Victorian-era in Britain (1837-1901) lovers spoke the Language of Flowers.

Ironically enough… I learned about the Language of Flowers from a Japanese amime show called Sailor Moon.


Anyway, the Language of Flowers was used to send coded messages using, wait for it… flowers.

Different blossoms in various arrangements carried special meanings.

For example:

Plumeria: Perfection, Springtime, New Beginnings
Orchid: Refined Beauty

Dahlia: Elegance, Dignity
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All you need to know is that I’m in love with the British television show Doctor Who.


I lost you, Rose

Separated by space and time

Cut off, forever

From me

From you

I was going to tell you

I burned up a sun

Just to say goodbye

Circling a supernova

One last gap

One last chance

Before the final Close

Still just an image

We can never touch

You cried

You said you loved me

I was going to tell you

But the bridge collapsed

Leaving me in the TARDIS

And you, in Bad Wolf Bay

I’ll say it now, Rose

My Rose,

I’ll say it now…