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last night, i cried so hard that my ears hurt. today, i woke up with my throat screaming, too dry to open my mouth and let air in. my pillows were still wet, my eyes still puffy. when i plopped … Continue reading

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Grief After Tragedy

On Sunday night, a lone gunman killed 58 people and injured 515 more, during the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival. I woke up Monday morning, checked my Snapchat stories, and saw the news of this story on every major website. … Continue reading

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left without a choice

we let people change us. from the moment we are born, our lives have a certain path dictated by others, whether you’re premature and in need of immediate surgery or cozily wrapped in a pink or blue blanket. after you … Continue reading

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A Forsaken Hero

The man who killed the evil man. What was his fate? There was no heroic applause. There was no fanfare of any kind. The man who did the great deed, he was sick and tired of it all. Years away … Continue reading

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The Former Servant

A man is disgruntled and angry. Perhaps he lost his job to hate. Perhaps not. His intentions do not matter. All that matters is the result of his action. It’s a shame a once public servant. Now, he harms the … Continue reading

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Coming to an End.

Whether it’s trying to escape an awkward conversation, a rambling relative or trying to leave an event, saying goodbye is always hard. The hardest goodbyes are separations, the ones that greet the end. The friends you know you will never see … Continue reading

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To The Best Man I Know.

This picture says it all. I love my dad. I don’t know any other immense, bottomless love. During times of difficulty, he has been my rock and laid out the foundations for a secure home. The only thing that scares … Continue reading

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