Love always seemed fun to me.

It always enticed me and made me want to fall into it.

I was so excited when I fell in love.

But, I realized pretty early

I never really fell into love, I crashed into it.

I was reckless and lost it.

Then, I felt like I lost myself.

Without love, I was confused and miserable.

Everything seemed hopeless and dumb.

Falling again seemed like something only idiots would do,

I promised I would never fall again.


Then, I met you.

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I don’t even know if I could call this falling.

It feels as if I’m floating up to cloud nine,

All my cares fade away when I’m around you.

It’s as if nothing else matters.

I’m no longer scared to fall, because I know your arms will always be there.

Your hands are soft and sweet and when you wrap me up in them, I feel your strength.

In your arms, I am not scared to fall.

Because I know I’m not falling,

I’m floating.

Nine One One

It was just a regular sunday night until it wasn’t.

I was sitting at home with a friend enjoying some pizza after playing Madden 13 when all of a sudden my sister bursts in the door yelling.

I was sitting at the table and she rushed in telling me that there is a huge fire right behind a property that we rent out.

She said that she drove by and called 9-1-1 and told them that there was a very large fire and told them the location.

After finishing dinner my Dad and I decided we should probably make sure our property was not on fire and that our storage was ok.

After we had determined our stuff was in no imminent danger and had a talk with our renters we wanted to check it out.

We walked down a long stretch of driveway to see a house engulfed in flames, making loud popping noises like something was exploding, and a firetruck parked right in the middle of two trees.

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What Holds Me Together

High above, amongst the stars,

God checked his watch,

and realized it was time.

Time to make a story,

my story,


He wove together a string of trinkets,

some rusty,

some silver,

some gold,

and some of precious stones.

Of those trinkets,

there were many places.

Houses and apartments,


and condominiums.

Restaurants, schools, corners and alleys.

There was a bit of Mexico.

Koreatown, too.

Some wormy grass,

and golf courses where the deer roamed at night.

And of course,

tied closely to these homes,

was my mother’s cooking,

my father’s laughter,

my sister’s pranks.

And there were my fears.

My anxieties,

all intertwined with my passions,

my soul,

and whatever else that stirs me and moves me and lifts me..

My friends and enemies,

my lovers and ex-boyfriends.

Teachers, mentors, coaches, neighbors.

Mailmen, taxi drivers, pilots, a Marine.

There was much joy.


there were also tears and hardship,

loneliness and strife.

Yelling and screaming,

punching and throwing.

The threads mangled and fried.

But soon enough,

God, with his knowing hands,

his fingers so gentle,

created a piece.

And those loose threads,

they all straighten out to create

one magnificent picture.

One that is unique.

One that is me.


She’s a Beauty

She is a beauty. Her skin is a flawless, radiant white. Sometimes she is shy and shields her lips but sometimes she is bold, and opens her mouth; a striking red is revealed. She is all looks and she is all brains. She can make precise calculations and she will never be lost. She is a good listener, very obedient, and will do what she is told. But boy oh boy, can she sing. She can belt out notes at the top of her lungs, and she can hum a tune. Her voice is one that makes her peers quiver with envy. She is very athletic, she can run fast and she can run with grace. She is talented. She is perfect. She is the car of my dreams.

BMW 335i red leather

The BMW 335i hardtop convertible is the car for me. Just the other day, I was setting up an appointment for my behind-the-wheel test at the DMV, and I was thinking about my future car. Only one car came to mind.

A year ago, while I was walking through a BMW dealership, a certain hardtop convertible had caught my eye and stole my heart.

MBW 335i top going down

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Kill The Umpire!

Hello everybody, me again. As you all know from my previous blog, it is currently the MLB playoffs. It is a time of never ending drama and great theatrics and better performances. However, there has been quite the annoying trend of outcomes being marred by subpar umpiring.

Not saying this is a new trend because this has been going on since umpires have been employed. “The call” in the 1985 world series, Chuck Knoblauch‘s phantom tag in 1999. In the 98 fall classic’s game one, Mark Langston pitched a 2-2 fastball right down the pipe to Tino Martinez. Strike three, Padres get out of the bases loaded jam in a tied game, all’s well. One problem, that was ball 3. The next pitch was launched into the upper deck for a grand slam.  Yankees win, Padres lose, as was the outcome of the series.

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