Nine One One

It was just a regular sunday night until it wasn’t.

I was sitting at home with a friend enjoying some pizza after playing Madden 13 when all of a sudden my sister bursts in the door yelling.

I was sitting at the table and she rushed in telling me that there is a huge fire right behind a property that we rent out.

She said that she drove by and called 9-1-1 and told them that there was a very large fire and told them the location.

After finishing dinner my Dad and I decided we should probably make sure our property was not on fire and that our storage was ok.

After we had determined our stuff was in no imminent danger and had a talk with our renters we wanted to check it out.

We walked down a long stretch of driveway to see a house engulfed in flames, making loud popping noises like something was exploding, and a firetruck parked right in the middle of two trees.

Water was pouring down the driveway, and the tenants were in their neighbors driveway driveway watching what they could see of their house burn away as the fire fighters worked to put the flames out.

When we had walked down the driveway the large flames that we could see over the trees had been tamed, and was only inside the house at that point.

There was an older man and woman, as well as a younger woman.

The man had no shoes on, and the older woman had nothing but a towel and sweater on, and the other woman was wearing jeans and a shirt.

They were clearly very cold as it was below 60 outside and they were all in shock.

We along with other nearby neighbors worked to get water, socks, and blankets to the freezing, upset family who was watching their memories burn away.

We walked back out to the street to find even more fire trucks, at that point there was probably about 4 or 5 VCFD trucks parked along the street we used to live on.

My Dad went back up the hill to get my sister and I stayed there watching the scene unfold with what looked like everyone who lived on the street.

By the time thy had returned there were even more trucks on the street probably around 8 which turned into about 12 by the time we had left from all different places and departments.

When my Dad and Sister returned we walked back down the driveway to sit with the family and their dog.

We convinced them to get looked at by the paramedic because the two woman were complaining of breathing problems and the younger one said her hair had been singed by the fire when looking for an escape route until she eventually had to crawl out of her bedroom window.

When they left to go to the hospital their dog “Prince” was still there, so we sat there with him as the firefighters worked to put the fire out and save what they could of their house.

The Red Cross was coming out to try and help and get them somewhere to stay.

Eventually we had to leave and come home and had to leave Prince alone with the firefighters who were going to take care of him until his owners returned.

I wanted to give a shout out to my younger sister.

She is not usually one to go near the danger and often lets fear stop her from doing things, tonight was different.

She took action and when the 911 dispatcher did not seem to be taker her seriously she let her know the severity of the situation and could be the reason these people were not hurt.

The lady at the house told my little 14 year old sister that she is the reason that she and her family are alive and thanked her for that.

She also sat alone with Prince while my dad and I were off doing other things while firefighters battled the flames, and paid no mind to what was happening but just wanted to care for the dog.

She is truly a special person, and I am so glad that I have her as a little sister.

She showed her true colors tonight, and helped save a family’s life.

I love you Kenny, keep up the good work.

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