Desert Island

In one of my last blogs I mentioned one of my Desert Island albums. Desert Island albums are the albums you would take with you if you were stranded on a desert island and only had a record player (for some reason).

Firstly, there are a couple of rules. You only get six (I don’t know why it’s six. Why not?), and you can’t take any greatest hits.

Well, you’re reading this post so I’ll tell you what my five would be.

1.   Pet Sounds, The Beach Boys (1966)

Everything about this album flows. The harmonics are perfect, as well as the instrumentals. The first time you hear it, everything on the track just sounds like ts one beautiful voice. Then you listen to it a bit closer and realize how much of a genius Brian Wilson is because there are honks, rattles, squeaks and all sorts of other noises that rocket this album into my desert island list (little side note, track number two is in running for the greatest song of all time).

2.   High Voltage, AC/DC (1976)

Well, first of all, there are no words for how much I love AC/DC. So we’ll just leave that at that. If this album were a book, it would be a bible of some sort. Every single song on it just oozes rock and roll. These guys get it. All of it. Seriously, they aren’t leaving anything out. If you claim to love rock and roll and don’t have this album dipped in gold and set on your mantle piece…you crazy.

3.   Super Blues, Bo Diddley/Muddy Waters/Otis Spann/Little Walter (1967)

Right there, in big yellow letters, on the front of the album-“JOIN FORCES”. Well, they certainly did. And in a big way. Four of the biggest names in 60’s era blues decided one day that they wanted to try and bring an end to space and time by creating the greatest blues album in the history of…well, everything. They almost succeeded. Luckily, someone had the balls to tell them that they should split their tremendous talents into two albums (See Super, Super Blues). This is another one of those must have albums. It’s blues at its finest. Go get it. Please.

4. Exile on Main Street, The Rolling Stones (1972)

Did you go get Super Blues? Good. Well, if you’re done trying to figure the album cover to “Exile” out, you can stop. You never will. Besides being the sound track for every awesome movie ever, the songs on this album are timeless (in that, they will never be unappreciated). Rocks off, Ventilator Blues, Rip This Joint,  Happy, Shake Your Hips…you’ve all heard these songs. How could you not? Anyone with a brain loves the Rolling Stones and this is their greatest album (sorry all you beggars)

5.   The White Album, The Beatles (1968)

I’m fairly sure I don’t have to say anything to justify this.

6.   De Stijl, The White Stripes (2000)

Lastly, and most controversially, is De Stijl. I’m sure this is kind of an edgy pick and that there are plenty of better albums out there, but hey…it’s Jack White. And, as we all know, he’s just the best. He brings everything to the table. He manages to take hundred year old blues songs, new punk songs he’s written, new blues, new rock, new country and just make it work. Other than being one of my favorite musicians ever…..I’m not really sure how to end that sentence. He’s simply the best. And hey, Meg can hold a tune too. In her own way.

Okay, those are my picks. What are yours?

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One Response to Desert Island

  1. mrweidlich says:

    Violent Femmes by The Violent Femmes

    Micheal Jackson Bad

    Van Halen 1984

    De la Soul Three feet high and rising

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