Visualizing the Venture

This past week I have completed my 3rd time working with a film crew producing a fashion show for a major shoe company based in Santa Barbara, CA.

My father works for a local Carpinteria company called Venture Visuals. It is a small company in Carpinteria, CA, specializing in branded entertainment.

They do work for Specialized Bicycles, local musician Dominic Balli, and many other local and non local people and companies.

I have worked for VV many times, usually just as a Production Assistant, but I have been given the opportunity at a young age to operate cameras on a few of the shoots.

This is a career I have looked into, but I do not think it will be the one for me.

I really do enjoy working in the filming industry, but it isn’t a stable career for the most part, and I have first hand experience of this.

My Dad, when I was younger worked in what most people would call “Hollywood,” but it wasn’t really in Hollywood.

He worked on many movies such as Welcome to Collinwood, The Contender, Mimic, and Cherry Falls.

He also worked on TV shows such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation as the line producer, and on CSI:Miami as the head producer.

While he worked life was great, we lived large, and had enough money that we didn’t have to worry, but when the jobs were over, there was often a dry spell, and it was always up and down.

My mother tells me a story of a day when she didn’t have money to buy a coke at the gas station, but the next day we had more money than we knew what to do with.

So while I won’t be pursuing it as my life career it is something I can work on through college for money, and right now.

I have started early and am learning quickly.

This past week I worked at the Bacara Resort in Goleta, CA at the fashion show as a PA.

Here is a video of last year’s fall show.

I worked for a few days setting up, loading in gear, putting camera equipment together, and helping the producer and other crew.

This is 3rd time I have worked for Venture Visuals on one of these shows.

Last time it was at the Hotel Del in Coronado, CA, this was the first time I was able to operate a camera during a big shoot, and have my footage used in the final product.

Before this I was shooting behind the scenes on various projects usually just for fun, but its always good to have around.

Working on these shows is fun, being surrounded by so many professionals in this field is great, and who wouldn’t like being fed great food, hanging at a cool hotel, and let’s not forget I get to work alongside beautiful models.

Yes, these shows are fun, but my favorite type of shooting is the “gorilla” type shooting we do sometimes.

This being when we pack up, hop in the car or hop on a plane, and try and find good locations to shoot at.

Like a time, when working on an upcoming music video for Dominic Balli, we flew to Colorado in the middle of February on a weeknight, crashed on the floor at the house of a long time friend of my Dad, and then shot outside the house in the snow for B roll, then proceeded into Denver to shoot in places and hope we didn’t get yelled at.

I recall a scene where we saw a cool alley with graffiti outside of a local art gallery, stopped and shot there.

We also saw a nice residential area with a lot of snow that looked good so we pulled in there and just set up on the street.

We don’t use fancy rigs when shooting on the street.

We open the trunk of the car put the tripod up and drive slowly in front of the dancing reggae artist dancing and singing in the middle of a street, wearing shorts and rocking dreads in the middle of winter in Denver, CO.

We also worked on a music video for Dominic for his song Louder.

We were supposed to be shooting in Long Beach, but had a permit fall through.

We hopped in the cars and scouted out a new location.

We ended up on skid row for a good 17 hours basing out of local ministries.

By far one of the craziest days we’ve had, it just had a weird way that it worked out, but the final product was great.

I couldn’t be happier with the opportunities I’ve had working with Venture Visuals the people who work there and the chances I have had to work for them have been great, and I will be forever grateful.

I look forward to more years helping out and working for Venture Visuals and hope that we always have projects to work on, and that luck always works in our favor.

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