A Project For Disaster

I’m no fashion designer. In fact I’ve never sewn a piece of clothing in my life, but I feel like I know what fashion is when I see it. I know fashion is supposed to be a statement of art, a piece of someone’s mind artistically constructed into something wearable, but sometimes I wonder how pieces of fabric are hideously sewn together, given a ridiculously high price because of its brand, and called fashion.

“Project Runway” is an amazing TV show which many talented and aspiring fashion designers enter in hopes of getting a spot in New York Fashion Week. I always found it incredible how people were able to construct amazing clothes under extreme pressure in, sometimes, just one day, especially in the unconventional challenges where the designers aren’t even allowed to use fabric.

“Project Runway” has always been my favorite TV show. I would go visit my aunt and curl up in the living room together and binge episode after episode, debating over who’s going to be the winner or who’s going to be out, eventually becoming a tradition during my visits. However, over the years the show has started to disappoint me. That isn’t to say that they aren’t amazing designers, but I feel like sometimes the winners are usually based off of likability versus actual raw talent.

Photo Credit: MMC News

I haven’t watched all of the most recent season, but I did see spoilers from the finale and I was not impressed… at all. The designers had weeks to come up with a fashion line, and the clothes they managed to make in one day were much more impressive than the ones they brought to the runway. The silhouettes of each piece were inexistent and bland, the color schemes were simple, and overall it just wasn’t nearly as mind blowing as the runway pieces from previous years. If I were a judge, I would’ve sent them all home, but I guess there has to be a winner, right?

If you need a good laugh, and want to see more of the most ridiculous “Project Runway” looks, click here


Shoes Are Just Shoes

Shoes may in fact be the singular most important thing put on in a day. They affect the way you walk, the way you experience your day. Goodness knows the power of gorgeous, uncomfortable shoes and their ability to change your entire outlook on the upcoming week.

How you see yourself in the morning all comes down to your shoes. Are you a little taller than you were yesterday? A little more fluid, a little more grounded?

Even to those without shoes on, their shoes affect them. They decided not to wear them, and this influences the rest of their day because, simply put, there are certain things you don’t do unless you have shoes on.

While many would argue that they just throw on the same shoes they wear everyday without thinking about it, that is still their decision to have a “usual” action.

Photo Credit: Road and Track

Are you determined to look as good as you can? More laid back? Aiming to be fashionable? No matter the reason, shoes outrank your clothing.

Shoes dress up an outfit or dress it down. Shoes change the way others see you. Yes, people will see your cool bomber jacket, but are you wearing it with heels like a model, so you can feel like the rest of the world is your personal runway Are you wearing it with trainers, making the world your personal path? Or are you wearing it with boots, telling the world to get out of your way ’cause you mean business?

Your shoes are one of those decisions that make you, you.

Cannes Fashion

Cannes 2016 is coming to a close, and as the celebrities, or more likely, their assistants, pack up their designer gowns, suits, and shoes, and prepare for their next red carpet here are my favorite looks.

Sonam Kapoor


Kapoor announced that her Ellie Saab dress would have an Indian element to it, and this dress did not disappoint.

Bella Hadid 

While she may not have graced the red carpet in this look, that does not make it any less gorgeous. Hadid’s fresh, dewy makeup, sleek ponytail, and simple white ensemble are a perfect fit for summer. Christian Dior’s property behind Hadid doesn’t hurt either.

Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney

Power. Couple. Alamuddin’s pale yellow gown is one many could not pull off, but, obviously, Alamuddin is not one of those people.

Victoria Beckham

Posh always kills it, and this masculine inspired piece is no exception.

Blake Lively

While Lively was as Cannes promoting her movie The Shallows, she also happened to promote the Cinderella movie when she arrived on the carpet bearing a striking resemblance to the princess herself. But, Lively pretty much is a princess, so I’m not surprised.


I Like Writing About Fashion: Get Over It

Obviously the majority of the blog posts I write are centered around the Fashion Industry. To me, this blog and the posts I write are for creative expression, and what is creatively stimulating to me happens to be fashion. I could write about the things that I don’t have much of an opinion on or don’t want to waste my time on (looking at you, Trump), but I choose to write about things that will release creativity or emotion. I’m not here to write about stuff that bores me. I have other interests of course, but fashion is the most powerful one. And the great thing about fashion is, there are so many different topics within that wild industry there is always more inspiration for me. Fashion is about personal expression, and so is this blog. I combined the two, and that is how I enjoy it. Everybody should enjoy it.



Fashion Week is Coming

Photo credit to: special-hairstyles.com

Fashion Week is coming. Some may regard it as the best time of the year (I know I do). Luckily, the best time of the year actually comes two times a year, in fall and in spring.

When Fashion Week kicks off February 10th the clothes, models, designers, and fashion icons take over the streets of New York City.

They then move on to London, then Milan, with a grand finale in Paris. This beautiful madness lasts a month before the fashion editors race to choose their favorite looks, and decide which pieces will grace the covers of Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and more.

Fashion Week is also the habitat for new trends to form, new street style stars to be launched into the fashion-fame-stratosphere, and for new models to dominate catwalk, billboards, and magazines alike.

While this flurry of fashion may only last a month, it decides everything in fashion, until the next fashion week at least. Yes, it is the greatest time of year. 

The Magic of: Paris

https://c1.staticflickr.com/9/8384/8597547158_63e3788d03_b.jpg Photo Credit: returnofkings.com

I have always loved Paris, and though I’ve been to Paris, I probably would still love it even if I had never been there before.

I love the culture, the food, the fashion and style. Not to mention the architecture, the people (I for one, do not think they’re rude), croissants, macaroons, did I mention the food?

The list could go on and on. To me, it’s one of the most inspiring cities. The fashion, the weather, and the seasons (they actually have 4, unlike California) are all endlessly inspiring and constantly facilitating creativity.

So many influential people and ideas are from this city. But one of the things I love the most is that even after all the darkness that has happened there, Paris is still of the brightest cities in the world. Paris is the City of Love and Light, and that will never change.

Anna Wintour GIFS that Express Every Stage of Finals

I’m going to say it, Anna Wintour is queen (in my opinion). Some find her intimidating, and have coined her the “ice queen.” But I disagree, she is the god of Vogue and Anna’s opinion matters in the fashion industry. Needless to say, she is my idol. So I have rounded up the best GIFs of Anna to show the progression of students gearing up for finals week (you have no idea how much I wish it was Fashion Week instead).

When finals are mentioned in class

Photo Credit: NY Mag

When you hear how much of your grade the final is worth

Photo Credit: NY Mag

When your teacher asks you how you feel

Photo Credit: NY Mag

How you really feel

Photo Credit: NY Mag

When you talk to your friends about finals

Photo Credit: NY Mag

Walking into the final

Photo Credit: NY Mag

Sizing up your student competition

Photo Credit: NY Mag

When there’s material on the final you never learned

Photo Credit: NY Mag

When theres only 20 minutes left to finish

Photo Credit: NY Mag

When finals are over, and break has begun

Photo Credit: NY Mag