Vick Doesn’t Use Protection

I have finally found one of the many issues surrounding the Philadelphia Eagles. Aside from the porous defense, the Eagles appear to have signed 5 members of PETA to block for Michael Vick.

For those living under a rock the past few years, Vick killed dogs. It was kinda hard to miss. That’s the joke people.

In all seriousness, the Eagles line has been completely unacceptable this season. Vick has given the ball away and been taken to the ground more than any other quarterback in football. I don’t want to see my quarterback bite the dust whenever he drops back to pass.

This offseason, the Eagle offensive line looked rather strong. Center Jason Kelce, who had a strong rookie season last year, accompanied by All-Pro left tackle Jason Peters, veterans Evan Mathis and Todd Herremans, and weak link Danny Watkins made up Vick’s protection.

During the offseason, Peters torn his Achilles tendon TWICE, ending his season for the most part. The team has stated repeatedly that they hope Peters will return sometime this season. I find this highly unlikely.

Ok, while Peters is the best we got, losing one guy won’t render us useless. The Eagles then went and signed Demetress Bell to fill the void left by Jason Peters. He’s not bad so I guess we will still be fine.

Nope. KELCE GOES DOWN! He suffered a season-ending knee injury. He’s also out for the season. We now lost our center. Eh, that’s not good at all but maybe the new guy will pick up the slack. We had Dallas Reynolds move up to fill the gap. He played well in the preseason against the lower-tier defenses. He’s not Kelce but I mean I guess it’s all we got.

Later on in the season, Watkins crashed and burned with injury. He’s a whiner. I don’t like him anyway. But the problem now is that we are three starters down and not even halfway through the season.

Check that, FOUR men down. Herremans is now out for season with ankle and foot issues. The only starter remaining is Mathis, who is actually quite good. He was incredible last season and hasn’t taken a step back this year. Our offensive line now stands with Reynolds, Mathis, some guy named Dennis Kelly, some guy named Matt Tennant, and King Dunlap, who has taken over Bell’s duties on the line. Bell didn’t work like we thought he would.

Danny Watkins is still in the running to return to the line, but to be honest, I really don’t give a damn. Every successful offensive line needs at least three solid linemen. Right now, the only one I see is Mathis. Coming into the season, Peters, Kelce and Herremans could all be counted on with Mathis. But they’re all gone.

Vick, sorry dude. Things are about to get much worse for you.

I’m going to make one last prediction. This is the time of year where teams with longer-tenured coaches begin to fire those coaches due to lack of production. The Eagles are 3-5 with a coach who has been with the team for over a decade. After last season, team owner Jeff Lurie stated that the team needed a significant improvement in order for Andy Reid to keep his job. They are three games away from officially being unsuccessful.

My prediction is that if the Eagles lose this weekend to the Cowboys, Andy Reid will be unemployed. Vick will follow after the season because of his contract.

A new generation is among us.

If he loses anything, he’s finished. Time to look to the future.

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