Applying or Buying?

I spent $410 last week. No, I didn’t go shopping. No, I didn’t buy all my Christmas presents at once. No, I didn’t have to pay for medical bills.

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I spent $410 on college apps within only a week.

I understand that having to pay some amount of money, to make sure that the people applying to schools actually mean it, and that it takes work to read through my applications and make their decisions. But, why should I have to pay $180 to send my AP scores to the colleges that I might not even get in to?

Personally, I have been able to spend that money on my applications. I didn’t like it, obviously, but I was fine. But, there are enough people in this country that don’t have those $410 to gamble with.

We all know that many families aren’t able to send their children to college because of the insane tuitions. But now, imagine not even being able to apply to the school of your dreams because it is too expensive. I know some people can get fee waivers, but even the fact that this is necessary freaks me out a bit.

I see the reasoning behind all the costs. I see why it would be necessary. I just want to point out how flawed all this is, if you think about it.


I Can’t Believe It.

I can’t believe it.

In a matter of days, the seniors will be on that stage, giving their speeches and receiving their hard-earned diplomas. They will be wrapping up their four years of high school and go onto college as freshmen.

And I will become a senior.

God, it’s just so hard to wrap my head around.

It feels like just yesterday when I was 14, braces-clad, and had just come out of eighth grade. High school was so new to me. These three years escaped me.

It’s funny how four years make the perfect stretch of time to help students learn, grow, and move onto the next stage of their life. Freshman year I felt totally unprepared-I was still shocked that I was actually in high school. ¬†Sophomore year, I felt like I was still a freshman and I didn’t (or couldn’t) realize that I was growing up and that I was more mature than I was the year before. This year, I still can’t believe that two years of my high school has past and gone and that I am already almost three quarters of the way done. I will be a senior and write college essays in my sleep until!

That means:

I will be heading tables at dress dinner.

I will be making announcements at milk & crackers.

I will be writing college essays.

I will be taking the SAT‘s again.

I will probably lose hair.

I will be graduating.

I will be in college.

I still can’t believe it. I don’t suppose I will until I am on that stage next year.


Tomorrow night I will be somewhere in Ventura living out the last hurrah of my senior year.

I honestly cannot wait. We’ve waited four years to finally have a dance dedicated to us and not have to ride on the bus to the site and back.

The juniors have spent weeks planning this event for us and have really tried to make us happy. I can’t see a reason why it wouldn’t be enjoyable.

It has all built up till the final moment. As seniors, it is out opportunity to enjoy what has been planned for us and to share the experience with others. We should honestly just have a good time and forget that some of us don’t get along.

I propose that tomorrow, we leave all of our preconceived assumption about prom and all our negativity behind. Let’s enjoy our last prom with class, please. It’d be lovely to thoroughly enjoy this moment.

I went on an adventure which took me from Ojai to Topanga and everywhere between. One of my best friends prom dress never came in the mail, so with my aunts help, we spent seven and a half hours in search of the perfect dress. It’s people like us that actually care about prom, where as most don’t. It’s supposed to be a memorable experience that is shared between classmates, and our adventure today really reminded me of that.

We are one class, sharing one experience that will forever be remembered. Let’s make it the best we can.